1st Gen - For Sale 3" Suspension Lift Components


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EDIT: Some items sold and removed from post. If item is still listed, it's still available.

Sadly, my beloved '03 Xterra was recently totalled in a collision. As a result, I have a box of components for a 3" lift that never made it into the X. Components are from Automotive Customizers, except for the shocks which I bought off of Amazon. Listed below with web links and the original purchase prices I paid in USD:

Item: Xterra Cam Bolts (SPGNCAMKX)
Unit Price: $84.00
Item: Xterra Rear Sway Bar Quick Disconnects (SPQDXR02)
Unit Price: $152.00
Item: 2x Bilstein 5125 Long Travel Rear Shocks (3-4" of Lift) (33-185552)
Unit Price: $205.29

Of course I can't expect to get full return on these, however everything is still in its packaging and unused.
Buyer pays shipping costs.
I am in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. So a Canadian buyer would be ideal, but happy to do business with our southern cousins.
PM me if interested.
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Interested in the adjustable shackles and idler arm brace. Possibly the extended brake lines too.
What’s your price in $Cad for the above listed (and for fun the whole package?)
Canadian buyer.


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Hey there. I know this is an old post but if you still have the sway bar quick disconnects I am interested. I live in Cayce South Carolina