2021 Eff Juan Fiddy


Bought an X
Truck averages around 21-22 mpg highway when not towing.

Before I was into nissans, before I was into fords, I was into isuzu's, and its deff not everybodys style, but it was good enough to make mini truckin magazine back in the day and what work was done, was well done, and one of my old isuzu friends reached out to me to see if I could transport one of his isuzu builds back to him. So, I hooked Eff Juan v6.0 (I've had 6 f150's over the years) to a trailer and did my thing
Drove from Albuquerque NM, to Gallup to pick up my trailer, then to arlington tx to pick up the isuzu, then to hickory nc where I dropped it off and got paid.
All in all, about 4k miles in 3 days, saw the great smokey mountains (they are, well, great) and the truck did great, put it in tow haul mode, set the cruise on 75 and averaged about 17 mpg, deff one of my favorite road trips even if it was a lot of driving and I didn't really stop other than at the old shiloh battlefield which has a very eerie feeling to it.

Got back, planning on a wrap of sorts (just some striping) bed liner, factory brake controller, and hopefully some tow mirrors as the factory units suck.

All in all, very impressed with my new truck