2011 Pro4x 6mt 35s Low Lift , Portland Or 12,500$

Smileyshaun Apr 4, 2020

  1. Smileyshaun

    Smileyshaun Bought an X

    115 k miles
    Parts I’ve replaced/upgrades
    Clutch and flywheel
    Struts,adjustable control arm bolts
    315/75r16 DC trail country exp
    Ultra wheels
    PRG 1.5 lift
    Rear add a leaf
    Led “ditch lights”
    Rock lights

    Its a great rig and very clean being a pnw rig (no rust) but at the moment we have 4 rigs so somethings gotta go . Tires do fit and have full travel ,only have a small amount of rubbing on the frame at full lock . Fenders have been trimmed and liner reshaped to fit the 35s with minimal lift and with the light tire and wheel combo it will still get 17 mpg on the freeway . Thing does fantastic in deep snow and is just a joy to drive .

    It does have some little things that need finishing up and I will try to address them but price will reflect that .
    U bolts trimmed
    Fender painted ( I was going to plastadip a couple inches around the opening .
    Finish mounting the rock light ( have them on mounts just Mother Nature haven’t Cooperated on my days off to lay underneath it and install them.
    Rear door has some damage On the bottom . 8C66E11D-5719-4F8F-A0CB-086D00163107.jpeg 29599885-6105-4236-94BE-04AD17DDD304.jpeg B36DED25-ECDB-408A-AAD2-1CD1A738B43F.jpeg 31079BD1-8780-4034-8C3A-FE7D93D157D9.jpeg 19A7E943-0042-443E-B5F5-AFC91A56D076.jpeg C64C86DA-7D8E-4116-8C4F-4418F582E8D4.jpeg 892CEE87-8CE5-46EB-9765-7AB4A86F9BA1.jpeg 909BC736-C5BE-45F6-8C58-D6479EB58BDC.jpeg 1C471E49-27A1-40C9-A5F9-52F20F9A72F0.jpeg 2F7BA94A-BB64-4B02-AFB7-C6D217CCED96.jpeg
  2. Smileyshaun

    Smileyshaun Bought an X

    Comes with the factory wheels still on 265s
  3. TerryD

    TerryD Total Tease Supporting Member

    Covington, Va
    Best of luck on the sale but I really hate you're parting with it!
  4. Smileyshaun

    Smileyshaun Bought an X

    Price drop 11,500 took care of the ubolts and rock lights are in 3861BB49-CEE6-44AC-BA5F-09B1C79215CE.jpeg

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