2010 wheel mystery???

Jguru23 Jun 29, 2018

  1. Jguru23

    Jguru23 Test Drive

    So I am considering new wheels (and need new tires) and when I look online all sites list 17" as OEM for the 2010 Xterra SE. The issue...mine has 16". I don’t understand the discrepancy and even the guy at the tire shop was surprised to see 16s.

    Does anyone else have 16" OEM?

    Considering new wheels does anyone have a suggestion. The shop said with the size and the 6 lug set up there are almost no choices.
  2. Jguru23

    Jguru23 Test Drive

    I misspoke...It is a S and not the SE hence the 16". Sorry about the confusion. There are limited choices at 16". Is there anything I need to consider moving up to 17". I have never bought new wheels before.

    Am I good to do standard search on Tire Rack and just select 17"?
    Will I notice a performance difference moving up to a 17"?
    Do I have to consider Maine winters and wheel size?
    I appreciate everyone's help and patience.
  3. thecoalition

    thecoalition Call me Daddy Super Moderator

    Richmond, Va
    Moving to 17s will mean you need new tires as well. No performance difference with wheel sizes.

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