2006 Nissan Xterra Off-Road 78k miles - SOLD


Test Drive
Contact Chris Jacks at 303-895-1576 in Commerce City, Colorado

Before balking at the price for this age, understand that a great deal of aggressive maintenance and upkeep has gone into this one. This truck has a clean title and second owner from 7k miles on. Honestly didn’t want to sell, but I cannot financially justify keeping it. Aside from routine oil changes between 3-5,000 miles (always Mobile 1 and OEM filters) the below list of items have been replaced. I have receipts for nearly everything below.

First, know that the radiator was changed, no SMOD issue here. Second, know that the rear axle assembly was replaced with a new one and it does have the latest revision, not the 2006 differential.

(* indicates OEM parts)
*Entire rear axle assembly replaced 2020
*Both front and rear prop shafts replaced 2021
*Transmission mount replaced 2020
*Both engine mounts replaced 2020
*Both front upper control arms replaced 2020
*Rear sway bar replaced 2017
*Front sway bar bushings replaced 2021
*Fan belt replaced 2020
*Condenser fan assembly replaced 2020
*A/C system o-rings replaced due to seepage - A/C vacuumed and recharged 2022
*All brakes and rotors replaced 2020
Transmission drained, pan dropped and cleaned, refilled with Matic-S 2020
Front differential drained and refilled 80w90 Penzoil 2020
Transfer case drained and refilled with Matic-D 2020
*Spark plugs replaced in 2015 and again in 2020
*Fuel filter replaced 2013
*Fuel sending unit replaced due to recall 2015
Radiator replaced, bushing mounts replaced, system flushed and refilled with OEM long-life coolant 2020
Rear brake calipers replaced 2020
Yellow top Optima battery 2022
Full tire replacement 2020
TPMS sensors replaced 2020
Shocks and struts replaced with Bilstein-5100 2015

Additionally, I’ve left installed the brush guard, front/rear dash cam, rear backup camera, and the Pioneer AVH-1440 headset. All photos are recent. Please contact below to have a look or drive.

Contact Chris Jacks at 303-895-1576 in Commerce City, Colorado


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