1st Gen - For Sale 2004 Xterra XE 4x4 - Thermal Red

chuckamazuk Jun 6, 2019

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    The time has come to sell my Xterra; a 2004 XE 4x4 in Thermal Red.

    I am the second owner - I bought it when it was ~14 months old with less than 15K on the odometer. It’s at ~172K miles and still running as strong as ever – it has been my daily driver and weekend warrior for over 13 years. I was active in the Xterra community for quite some time, took it many memorable trips, including a NXM(#1) and a WENT(#3), but the past couple years have primarily been road travel and regular maintenance. I will list all of the pros and cons below.

    I am selling it as-is; no plans to part it out. Those in the community who have seen it can vouch that it has been used, but never abused. It is clean inside, the seats have been covered with seat covers since I bought it, and it does not stink. It is very capable offroad but it has been my daily driver and I have kept it relatively clean over the years (sans adventure times). The only thing that is broken the rear seat cupholder (RIP, flimsy little guy).

    Asking $4,100.
    Reasoning: It runs strong, no mechanical issues, clean inside, lots of extras, tons of armor, a 10K lb winch, etc. See the list below for details.


    Current Pictures: https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0o532ODWbbb7y

    Build Thread on XterraNation.org (Not all pics are current but can be used as reference): https://www.xterranation.org/index.php?threads/chuckamazuks-build-thread.169/

    Peterson’s 4Whell & Offroad Magazine, NXM feature, November 2011. This Xterra was pictured flexing-out: http://www.fourwheeler.com/events/131-1112-national-nissan-xterra-meet-at-woolys-off-road-park/


    · 285/75R16 Goodyear Duratrac tires, ~55% tread life remaining

    · Matching spare tire (100% tread life) and matching wheel (but painted black)

    · PML (4x4parts shackles)

    · SwayAway Torsion Bars (less than 3 years on the Xterra)

    · GeneralSpringKC Heavy Duty Leaf Springs (less than 3 years on the Xterra)

    · RLC Front Bumper (I believe it was #6 or #7 off the production line)

    · Hardcore Rear Bumper + Shrockworks swing-arm

    · Skid Row Engine/Transmission skidplate

    · Skid Row Transfer Case skidplate

    · Skid Row Front skidplate

    · Custom Rock Sliders (yes, real ones that can support the weight of the Xterra)

    · Radiator upgraded to SuperCharged Radiator (twice as thick)

    · Doug Thorley Headers

    · Engo Winch – E10000S (10K lb winch with synthetic line)

    · 125A Alternator (Nissan Quest, refurbished)

    · HD Tie Rod Adjusters (4x4parts)

    · Bilstein Shock Absorbers, F4-B46-2126-H0 (rear) & F4-B46-1099-H0 (front)

    · Custom Roof Rack (similar to a DepHep rack, but not production quality)

    · Calmini Idler Arm Brace (currently off the Xterra but will be provided with it)

    · Stereo Head Unit Upgraded to Sony MEX-GS810BH

    · Speakers are mid-grade Sony’s (I do not remember the model numbers)

    · Weathertech Window Rainguards (all four windows)

    · Power Steering Pump replaced (less than 3 years on the Xterra)

    · Centerlink, TREs, Idler Arm, and Pitman arm replaced (less than 3 years on the Xterra)

    · Mobil 1 used exclusively (since 2006) for all lubricant changes; engine oil, differential fluid, transfer case fluid, power steering fluid


    · SES Light On (like many of the Gen1’s these days) – P0400 code, EGR valve. No impact to vehicle operations, other than a little fuel economy

    · Small leak in the power steering reservoir where it meets the lower hose (common issue with Gen1 Xterra’s). Tightening the clamp occasionally helps prevent this.

    · Dent in the rear hatch where the Hi-Lift jack smacked it when backing out of the garage (the first time after installing the GeneralSpringKC leaf springs, funny story)

    NEW PARTS AND TRAIL SPARES (all come with the Xterra when you buy it)

    · Front stabilization bushings, new

    · Front stabilizer bolts, set of, new

    · Radiator cap, new

    · Moog TREs, inner TRE, new

    · Car quest TRE, outer TRE, new

    · *Other TRE, new, unsure of inner/outer use

    · Wix fuel filter, new

    · Caliper boots and bushings, new

    · U-Joints x2, trail spares, new

    · OEM autohubs, spare, working, used

    · OEM air box, used

    · OEM roof rails x 2, used

    · OEM rear swaybar, used

    · Radiator hoses, Two sets of, trail spares, new

    · Set of Replacement Belts (3), trail spares, new

    Text message me at 812-327-5198 if you are interested. With all the spam calls I rarely answer so texting is the best way to get a hold of me. If you cannot text, DM here on XterraNation.

    Thanks for looking.

    Chuck (chuckamazuk)
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  2. chuckamazuk

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    Bloomington, IN

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    Hope it's gone to a good owner, and that we'll see them around here.
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