2004 Sas Xterra

eddieb Dec 9, 2017

  1. eddieb

    eddieb Bought an X

    I have decided to build a bigger and less street friendly rig, thus planning to sell my Xterra:

    Rig is located in Tulsa, however I will be travelling to Florida at the end of month (dec) and may be able to arrange delivery.

    While vehicle has been wheeled hard, I believe I have kept up with maintenance and repairs.

    2004 Nissan Xterra XE 4x4, SAS Dana 44
    Blue/ gray, Automatic trans, < 120K miles

    Highlights: Front and rear ARB lockers, hydro assist steering, Crawler gears in transfer case.

    Asking $5,000 in hopes of a quick sell.

    Long radius arm, 12” Fox air shocks with '79 Ford F250 HP D44

    6 lug outers mid 80s Chevy style

    Cs cut and turned

    Front ARB Locker with 4.88 gears
    Chromoly Axle Shafts
    Mile Marker Hubs
    All bearings, seals, ball joints, brakes, etc. < 1 year
    Steering- all heims and 1.5” dom
    Tom Woods driveshaft
    PSC hydro assist (rebuilt steering box, PSC cooler, PSC reservoir)

    PSC tapped and rebuilt steering box
    Radius arm install < 8 mos.

    Spring over Alcans (300LB additional capacity, 4" lift)
    H233B with ARB Locker and 4.90 gears
    Bilstein 5100 shocks
    Tom Woods driveshaft


    All body panels replaced from grey < 2 mos.
    Supercharged Radiator
    Transmission Cooler
    Optima Red Top Battery
    Dodge Ram Master Cylinder- ABS box removed
    K&N Intake
    Magnaflow Muffler
    Larger transmission pan (Allows system to hold 3 additional quarts)
    3.7 to 1 Tcase crawler gears and slip yoke eliminator, chain replaced < 2 months ago
    2" Body Lift
    4xInnovations Sliders
    Front Shrockworks Bumper and Engo winch
    Rear tube bumper, P&P, amazingly stout
    Skid Row Gas Tank Skid
    4 35x12.5x15 BFG M/Ts (approx. 80%) on steel wheels
    Cobra CB and Firestick antenna
    Rock Lights
    ARB Compressor (for lockers)
    Pioneer Stereo
    Camouflage Headliner
    Raingler Pet Divider


    Rear quarter panel window has been broken- replaced with Lexan- tinted

    No AC- Air Conditioner has been completely removed

    Very small residual Rear Main Seal leak, does not leak onto ground, do not need to add oil between changes

    Rear seat cushions have been removed/ missing

    Head Gaskets, Valve Gaskets replaced at approx. 109K miles
    Timing Belt, Water Pump, Thermostat, Drive Belts, Radiator Hoses replaced at approx. 90K miles
    Radiator flushed at approx. 90k miles
    Spark plugs replaced at approx. < 2 years
    Power Steering lines replaced at approx. 100k miles
    Auto Trans. / Tcase fluid replaced < 2 mos.
    Front/Rear Diff Fluid replaced < 1 year

    Included Spare Parts:
    2 35x12.5x15 BFG M/T with wheels

    2 sets of stock front D44 axles shafts- complete
    2 rear axle shafts

    Spare u-joints for axles and drive shafts
    Box of misc. additional parts (gaskets, seals, etc.)
    Extra set of hubs

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