2004 Gen won't pop-start / bump-start: WHY? Please help


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I just bought a 2004 Gen 1 with 5-speed with the anticipation of being able to pop-start it but it simply won't. I live in Colorado where we have large hills and it won't start even when rolling at 20-30 mph and popping in 2nd gear. Yes, the key is in the on position. It starts fine with the electric starter but I spend a lot of time in the backcountry of Colorado and Utah and intentionally park my vehicles so that I can pop-start them if I leave the lights on or something else goes awry with the starting system. I've been driving manual 4WD vehicles since 1976 so I am quite familiar with the procedure and own two other vehicles that pop-start just fine. If I cannot enable pop-starting I will be forced to keep my XTerra within a few miles of roads that have some traffic every few days which is quite a restriction.

I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE HELP. If anyone knows how to bypass whatever 'safety' feature is disallowing the pop-start, please let me know.


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The clutch switch is only an interrupt for the starter motor circuit. As long as the ignition is in the run position, it should start. Here is a grab of the ignition circuit.


This shows that the key in the on position supplies power to the ignition coil. So that's really confusing why it wouldn't do it. I can't recall if I was able to bump start my old 1st gen. Hrmm.