2002 XE seat upgrade

Hetzer Jun 30, 2019

  1. Hetzer

    Hetzer Bought an X Supporting Member

    Land of OZ
    This afternoon, I upgraded the driver's seat in my wife's 2002 Xterra XE with an adjustable seat from a SE that I scored at Pick'nPull. What should have been a simple swap was complicated by the replacement having a hole worn in the outer edge of this lower pad. I was relieved to find that seat pans were identical, and all I had to do to affect the swap was to punch a couple of holes for the adjustment rods in the fabric of the seat pad skirt. My wife really appreciates the lumbar support in the SE seat.
  2. Richard

    Richard Bought an X

    I want to do this so I have the lumbar also. I am trying to understand what you meant that you had to punch holes. Did you not just swap the whole seat?

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