2002 extrra Raidio swap

Lucky Aug 30, 2018

  1. Lucky

    Lucky Test Drive

    hi new guy
    I have a 2002 extrea l I just bought
    And the bose raido CD player does not work
    I’d like to change it to the fosrgate 6 disc will it swap out ?
    Thanks !
  2. Muadeeb

    Muadeeb Bastard Admin from Hell Admin

    The rf requires an external amp to work, while the stock one uses an internal one. Get an amp and the right harness and it should work. No rca outs on the rf.
  3. Lucky

    Lucky Test Drive

    Do if I get the reg and it’s external amp and wire harness it should work
  4. tedh1979

    tedh1979 Test Drive

    I have a question somewhat related to this. I have the RF in my 2003 and I think it sounds terrible. Also, I want to update as well. So, I'd like to replace the RF double din radio with a double din touchscreen that has Android Auto and Apple Car Play. My question is, I had a car MANY years ago that had a factory amp in it, separate from the factory radio. And it was a nightmare to bypass that amp. Is there a relatively easy way to remove the RF radio and RF amp and then use a new radio and use the new radio's internal amp to run the speakers in the door?

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