2002 Automatic Transmission Shift Cable - Replacement question


Test Drive
2002 Xterra 3.3L non-SC, automatic transmission, the shift cable between the shifter and the trans has gotten so stiff we're about to break something by forcing it in and out of gear. Definitely the cable...it's removed and there is no movement by hand whatsoever. This cable is seriously stuck within it's sheath for whatever reason. With the cable removed, we can shift the unhooked shifter in and out of park and other gears with ease.

Question is... does anyone know where to find a new shifter cable? Can't find one online, nor at O'Reilly's, Napa, AutoZone, etc. It's the weekend so Monday I'll start calling dealers in the Dallas area to see if perchance they can source one, but it'd sure be nice if I didn't have to pay dealer prices. Anyone got any suggestions? Thanks in advance! :)