1st gen lift-gate strut upgrade?

mantree Oct 11, 2018

  1. mantree

    mantree Wheeling

    Fort Collins
    As my lift-gate gets heavier my gas struts have finally given out. I would like to upgrade them but don't know where to find them. with the stupid bracket on the gate side. Has anyone swapped them for something easier to find and heavier duty?
  2. Nissan3161

    Nissan3161 Bought an X

    I tried swapping in a set I got off a Yukon Denali at a junkyard and they were a lot heavier duty only one strut was enough to hold up the hatch. The problem I had with them though was the body of them was to big to fit between the body and the hatch so I went back to stock. Just something to consider when looking for replacements they have to be very similar in diameter to the stock ones
  3. Muadeeb

    Muadeeb Bastard Admin from Hell Admin

    This might be the best bet:

    It's an inch longer when extended (more head room), same body size, and should be able to hold up an extra few lbs. The next up from there were an inch longer when compressed and have a bigger cylinder diameter, so I'm not sure how they'd fit. Plus they were rated for an additional 18 lbs each, so that might make closing the door too hard unless you're really hanging 30 extra lbs off the door. (https://www.liftsupportsdepot.com/s...ed-toyota-liftgate-lift-support-strut-10741w/ -- listed as a Toyota Sienna lift support)

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