12V Compressor Revamp


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Covington, Va
I picked this little MasterFlow Tsunami MF-1050 compressor a few years ago. My buddy with the Ford has had the same one since about 2006 and it's been pretty good so I figured it'd work for me.

One of the failures my buddy has experienced is the abs coil hose that it comes with shattered on us when we needed it so I've wanted to replace mine for a while with a better quality hose. The newer ones use the standard "M" style air coupler where the older ones have the rare "Q" style coupler so when his failed we had to rig up a new hose with clamps and zip ties. Since mine is the newer style, all I had to do was order a hose and the extra couplers I have for my big air compressor work with it.

I got a polyurethane coil hose from Amazon, used a Craftsman air compressor coupler I had laying in my top box and a NAPA 90-455 "Normally Open" valve stem coupler to make up my hose.


These little compressors don't have a high pressure cutoff so you must be certain you're using a Normally Open valve stem coupler so you don't over pressure the hose when it's not inflating a tire and blow it apart or damage the compressor.

This coupler is really nice because you just shove it on the valve stem to attach it and simply pull back on the collar and it disconnects unlike the original that threaded on.