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  1. X

    New Member in Albuquerque, New Mexico!

    Hi Everyone! I'm Erik in Albuquerque, NM. I just picked up a sweet 2009 Xterra Off Road in black. It was a one-owner from Colorado with only 127,000 miles in amazing condition. The best part? Its a 6-speed manual! I've been looking for a truck like this for a while now, and finally came...
  2. X

    2006 Nissan Xterra Off-Road 78k miles - SOLD

    Contact Chris Jacks at 303-895-1576 in Commerce City, Colorado Before balking at the price for this age, understand that a great deal of aggressive maintenance and upkeep has gone into this one. This truck has a clean title and second owner from 7k miles on. Honestly didn’t want to sell, but I...
  3. Shannon McCarty

    2001 Nissan Xterra Xe

    Doing an overland build. Fairly new to driving but used to and have a few wrench skills but totally need advice and pointers. Hope you guys are rad.
  4. CRHonda Guy

    2nd Gen - For Sale RIP to the best weekends.... 05 off road Parts!

    I have a '05 Xterra that was rolled one time. The frame and drivetrain were untouched while the radiator, and roof have been compromised. Parting out the entire car or selling as a whole! Aftermarket parts: -Bilstien 5100 2" lift shocks and shackles (10k miles) -Air Raid Air filter and housing...
  5. Snoopy13

    Does off-roading damage your car?

    I'm new to this and was wondering does off-roading damage your car at all? And if it does are there ways to protect it ? When you were a newbie to off-roading was there some stuff you wish you knew before going out on that first trip?
  6. Snoopy13

    Does anyone know of any off-road parks in MA?

    I'm new to the community and just trying to see what's out there.
  7. A

    New Calmini front Bumper-$550

    I am selling my Brand new Calmini front bumper because I sold my 2000 xterra. Bumper cost me about $800 altogether and bought it this year. Selling for only $550. I have receipt still and it is brand new. Text/call me at 252 560 9764 I stay in kinston, NC (USA).
  8. NickX

    2nd Gen Pet Barrier, Mud Flaps, Liftgate Supports

    Time to do some spring cleaning...prices include shipping. Mesh Pet Barrier - $60 SOLD Mud Flaps (6pc set) - $50 OEM set from my 2010 Xterra OR; removed early 2013. Rear Liftgate Supports (pair) - $40 OEM set from my 2010 X. Replaced with GOBI supports when I added my ladder. Still fully...