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    Using A 4x2 Rear End In A 4x4...?

    I have a whiny rear diff and I think I’m just going to swap out the rear end with a used one from eBay. The problem I’m running into is finding one that fits my X. Its a 2007 Manual Transmission, 4x4 and not the OR model. The rear diff is the 3.54 ratio M226 based on what I’ve found. There...

    Nissan Engines and Major Parts

    Nissan engines for the Hardbody, Pathfinder, Frontier, Titan, Paladin, and YES the Xterra. Nissan VG Engines: VG30i - 3.0L 1986-1989 Hardbody Truck 1986-1989 Pathfinder VG30E - 3.0L 1990–1995 Hardbody Truck 1990–1995 Pathfinder VG33E - 3.3 L 1996–2000 Pathfinder 1999–2004 Frontier...