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    Installed Ironman lift yesterday, got a vibration now

    Got everything buttoned up yesterday on the Ironman lift. Took it for a test drive & absolutely love it, only issue I have is a slight vibration from 25mph to 30mph. It’s not there before 25 & completely gone right after 30. Took it on the highway & got it up to 100mph, never smoother, I’ll bet...
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    Nisstec lift kit

    I know it’s been a little while since asking about lifting my ‘11 Pro 4X, but I’m going to order it this week. I’m thinking about going with Nisstec Complete OME kit with Dakar leaf packs. Question: one kit is $1596 with shackles, the other $1510 w/o the shackles, how important are the shackles...
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    Ordering struts

    Went to Rock Auto to price front struts for 2011 Pro 4X, a few of the products offered say in the description “fits X model except with off road suspension” I’m going to assume Pro 4X has the off road suspension. Would this be correct? Pretty sure I’ll be buying the $119.00 KYB struts anyway
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    Shock mount stud broke

    Picked up 2 rear bilstein shocks from Rock auto for my 2011 Pro 4X. Driver’s side no worries other than rusty threads, when I slid over to the passenger side the upper stud mount (welded to the frame) looked different, I then realized it is snapped between the shock bracket & frame. Only thing I...
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    Pro 4X shocks

    Okay, here’s the deal. 2011 Pro 4X, shocks in the rear are Bilstines & shot, in the near future I plan on a 2 1/2-3” lift that comes with the Bilstines included. I want to replace the worn out rear shocks with something cheap to get me from now to when I can get the kit. Rock Auto has...
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    Mass Flow air sensor question

    Check engine light came on & took it to AutoZone for the free code reader. It came up MF air sensor, bought a new one, installed it the correct way, cleared the code & light went out. About a month or so later light came back on, went & had the code read again. MF air sensor again. I cleared the...
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    Info help with ATF change

    I have a 2011 PRO 4X WITH 170,000 miles, no real issues with the transmission, I just noticed recently noticed (only happened 1 or 2 times), when I would drop it into Drive it would take a second or 2 to go into gear, I had a similar issue with a 2007 FJ Cruiser with the same basic miles & the...
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    Marker/parking Light Replacement Question

    2011 pro 4x, the bulb burned out on the front drivers side yellow lens marker light, not sure how to pop it out. I don't want to force it & possibly break it. How do I get it out?
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    Complete 3-3 1/2" Kit?

    I have posted questions regarding lifting my 2011 pro 4X before but it seems everyone is piecing their lifts together, uca's from one company, shakles from another, spacers & coils from yet somewhere else. Granted I wish I had the time to read thru all of these threads but have not. My question...
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    Tailgate Latch Issue

    Having a problem with the tailgate latch. Wasn't a problem until I opened it for the 1st time(bought the X used with 155000 miles), now when I close the gate, the door ajar light is on in the dash, it is closed but I can pull the gate & it moves abouy 1/4 inch or so but won't open. Assuming it's...
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    Reset check engine light

    On my FJ the check engine light would come on after 3000 miles to remind you the oil needed to be changed. After the oil change I would push & hold the trip miles reset while starting the truck, this would knock the light off. My Xterra is slightly overdue for an oil change (hitting that 1st...
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    Hit deer, popped driving light out

    Super light/slow hit a deer, minor damage. The driving light did not break but popped out of the hole in the bumper. Don't know how it "snaps" back in. Is there a diagram someone could show me? Thanks
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    Not really "body armor", but skimming through the members builds I did notice at least one X with Bushwacker pocket fender flairs, were they a custom fit because I can't seem to find anyone that offers them for the Xterra. I put them on my FJ & it really makes a big difference in the appearance...
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    Painting Wheels question...

    Just picked up an '11 4 Xpro, factory wheels have that "water under the clear coating " thing. I painted the wheels on my Stock FJ & they look great, question is: instead of searching through the entire wheel and tire section looking for ideas on how to paint mine, can you direct me to a...
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    2011 ProX 4 done deal

    Just hooked up with this forum in the last few days, was looking at a 2011 Xterra Pro X4 with a few miles on it. 155,000 to be exact.Was definitely a lease turn in, my guess from my inspection & test drive, the previous owner was a person very much like my wife (who leased an 07 & 11) , that put...
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    2011 lift options?

    brand new here & looking for the better lift& tire options for a 2011 Pro X 4, been wheeling for quite a while with an FJ Cruiser ( see my "welcome " thread for a little background), looking for a mild lift-2-3- or even 4", not crazy $$$$, only going to be used for daily driver & weekend trail...
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    Picking up a 2011 Pro4X

    Okay, here we go... since 07 I've been driving a Toyota FJ Cruiser, tons of mod's over the years, 3" lift-285-70-17 BFG MT's, even sprayed the entire truck with Line X. + a huge list of other things. Well, now has 225,000+ miles with a bad rapping noise from one of the timing chains/belts...