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  1. Jwelch

    The Free Xterra Build

    You can do a swap to the 31 spline axle shafts and brake parts and use a mechanical locker for cheaper than an arb if you can find all the parts from a junkyard.
  2. Jwelch

    Jwelch's 1st Gen Build Thread - That Escalated Quickly

    Thought I would do a quick photo dump from windrock, these photos are from trail 16 and 15 a black and double black respectively. Did over 200 miles of trail in 7 days of wheeling doing a lot of black trails and headed out to caraval flats one day. It was dry all week so many of these trail were...
  3. Jwelch

    The Free Xterra Build

    Someone wants to party:cool:, while not the most streetable option you could always do the old Lincoln lock rather than dumping 1200+ into an air locker and compressor system and put a lunch box locker in the front. My rear is getting welded in the next few weeks.
  4. Jwelch

    Project Flexicab, Now Officially Going Sas

    I would be interested in a doubler group buy! Glad to see you got everything worked out with the axle, you will be much happier with the HP axle, can't wait to see this thing done!
  5. Jwelch

    Project Flexicab, Now Officially Going Sas

    No Problem! HP is definitely the way to go, I have struggled to maintain good driveshaft angles since my SAS due to my lp j10 44. I would still recommend doing the nissan nut Xj driveshaft with the old SAE flange and a custom adapter so you don't have to worry about large angles at max flex(Or...
  6. Jwelch

    Project Flexicab, Now Officially Going Sas

    I have never heard of anyone having a issue with a waggy 44, and I wish I could say for sure but mine is a full width 44. Are the springs equal-distant from the inner c's? If anything the picture makes it look like the axle is to far to the driver side if it is a waggy 44 because my full width...
  7. Jwelch

    Jwelch's 1st Gen Build Thread - That Escalated Quickly

    Also I will be at Windrock Off-road park March 7th-12th with my club if anyone wants to meet up to do some wheeling.
  8. Jwelch

    Jwelch's 1st Gen Build Thread - That Escalated Quickly

    A lot has happened to the X since I last updated this thread. I cut the front suspension out from under it again SOA and stretch the wheel base to alleviate the previously discussed issues of major fender rubbing and the plow frame like spring hangers. Sitting at about the 3-4" of stretch mark...
  9. Jwelch

    The Free Xterra Build

    Welcome to the world of Xterras! On the leaf spring did you just pick up a new secondary leaf because the old one cracked right behind the spring perch? I don't know of a factory replacement of the clamps beyond a new pack, you can get aftermarket clamps like this one from 4wheel parts or at...
  10. Jwelch

    December 2020 Totm

    Build Thread Here Lets go First gens!
  11. Jwelch

    November 2020 Totm

    We will see how this one before the snow does. Build Thread: Is there a minimum amount of Nominations that need to happen in order to have a poll?
  12. Jwelch

    Jwelch's 1st Gen Build Thread - That Escalated Quickly

    I will add more photos in the Next few days Well Poker run was a success, Got 5 of the six cards. Obviously we chose to skip the easiest card because that makes sense :D . Our team consisted of Wide Load, Chopsticks, The B2, and an Old Cj. Poker run definitely showed me the faults in the...
  13. Jwelch

    The Greater Post Whore Society - Volume 6: Wash Your Hands On The Way Out

    Anyone ever have their rear seat belts lock up on a first gen? Mine won't pull out at all regardless of what I do, completely;) unrelated about 3 inches of mud came in through the back hatch due to it not fully latching and flooded the inside:)
  14. Jwelch

    Project Tank - Caleb's Xterra Build!

    Welcome to Xn! This build is looking great so far, I have always loved the look of stock height first gens with big tires. If you are planning on driving this on the road a lot the upper control arms will pay for themselves in the form of not blowing through tires every 10k miles. I would say...
  15. Jwelch

    October 2020 Totm Nominations

    Picture from a mud bog event put on by the club I help run.
  16. Jwelch

    A Late Hello - 02 Sas'd Xterra

    I just realized I never posted a hello on this forum. I'm from western michigan, living in the upper peninsula and drive this completely stock 02 Xterra;)
  17. Jwelch

    Custom H233b Rear Disk Brake Conversion

    I know there is a way to convert to disk brakes in the rear by swapping over parts for the early path finders. However this seems to be a lot of work, especially if you don't have the specialized pullers for the bearings, and parts to where you would be getting to the cost of swapping in a more...
  18. Jwelch

    Jwelch's 1st Gen Build Thread - That Escalated Quickly

    At the moment I am not in the position to make more. First off with the SAS my winch plate got welded to the frame (Hoping to reverse this come winter so the possibility might go up) so that is stopping me from building another as I wouldn't be able to test fit it. Also where I am living...
  19. Jwelch

    Jwelch's 1st Gen Build Thread - That Escalated Quickly

    This is going to be a photo dump more than anything, the X had had a lot of maintenance as it has been wheeled quite a few times since I last posted drummond island being one of the hard of them. All of this wheeling has allowed me to find more faults with the build. The first being that...
  20. Jwelch

    September 2020 Totm

    I heard that there weren't enough 1st gen submissions. Not the best photo of the rig but it is at least a current one. Link to build thread: