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  1. SteeevO

    SteeevO's Campfire - 10/12/19 Johnson Valley

    I want to shake your hand. We've probably met before, but not in person. We may have spoke on the phone or exchanged emails. You may have read my posts on Nissan related forums, or read about me in a magazine. You possibly heard about some guy that has answers to your Nissan questions and sent...
  2. SteeevO

    New Rugged Rocks Website!

    It was time for an overhaul! About 8 weeks ago we went live with our new website with a new updated look, smoother operation, mobile friendly browsing and quicker checkout process. We're still adding product to the site and plan on adding many new products that weren't available before including...
  3. SteeevO

    Help Rugged Rocks by giving your feedback on new products!

    At Rugged Rocks I have many new products in the works and I want to get feedback from you! Enter to win a $50 Rugged Rocks Gift Certificate simply by giving us your feedback! Visit : Please also share this link with your Nissan wheeling...