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    So I did a thing, new tow piggy

    2 years ago a lot of real life happened at once, my perfect credit tanked and my truck got stolen, so I bought an ecoboost on get jacked interest, but she saw me through, after a ton of long days and nights I’ve been able to build back a bit, and today I was able to buy a truck that I wanted...
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    02 Nissan Xterra no crank

    So as seen in my other 2 threads thus far here, I was given an 02 xterra 3.3 4x4, orignally thought it wouldn't crank wouldn't start due to a bad starter, well, I put a starter in it, and it won't crank, but if you put the key in run and jump across it will start right up. I also dug these...
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    Sloppy The Bronco

    Being a gear head from birth, like most of you, I have a ton of project trucks and have seen a ton of them enter my possession and then leave. I have a few major ones, my bronco is my personal favorite truck and at this point the longest lasting one. Sloppy is a 1990 retired Forest Service...
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    The Free Xterra Build

    This will be my build thread for my 02 xterra that as seen in my intro post, was free to me :) My plan is to not get too radical with it, 31's, a tad of lift (PML) and clean it and maintain it. Body armor and what not will be my biggest expenses Just looking to overland and wheel a little and...
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    Finally An Xterra Owner

    Hey friends Long wanted an xterra, finally got one, for free :o I'm a tow truck operator, towed the same x twice for different reasons, 1st time, middle of the night, flat no spare. 2nd time, starter was fried, initially I was going to buy for next to nothing but then the previous owner was kind...