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  1. ffxcores

    2nd Gen - For Sale FS: AEM Dry Filter AEM-28-20286

    AEM-28-20286 (Amazon Link) (AEM Link) Used for 1 cycle, washed it, switched to AFE CAI. $15 OBO + shipping. Note this is the dry filter - no oil. Still though, recommend keeping a cheap paper backup in case it comes time to wash it and you don't have time for it to dry out thoroughly.
  2. ffxcores

    Why do offroad clubs have waivers, specifically for rides on public lands?

    Here's a question I have after looking at websites for some of the offroading clubs around me: why do they have waivers for every single meet-up or trail ride? Most of the ones I've found don't even seem to be drafted by an attorney, but rather copied and pasted from various other places. If...
  3. ffxcores

    “Spotted” cards - what should be on them?

    I’m getting some made, and am wondering if backs should just be blank, or if I should put a “fill in the blank” thing with spots for name, email, phone, etc.
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    Rear Suspension Upgrades - Extras and Things to Consider (2nd Gen)

    The intent for these threads isn't to steer anyone towards specific products - there are plenty of threads that exist for that. This is for the "extra" stuff that I didn't realize I'd need at first and didn't consider, besides the obvious. First, the actual obvious: if you're doing new leaf...
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    2nd Gen - For Sale Free: USB-OBD2 cable (KKL VAG COM) for early 2nd Gen

    If you want to use Nissan Datascan software ( you need this adapter to connect the computer to your vehicle. There are three versions of DataScan… version II requires this adapter and works on the 2005 through ???? Xterra. Problem is I don’t know; but I do know it does not work for...
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    Idea for a "you may also need to consider..." by common upgrades

    I haven't gone through each DIY to see how comprehensive they are, but I also don't think if somebody is considering an upgrade that they necessarily go through the step-by-step anyhow. In your opinion, is there value in a series of threads titled something like "Things to Consider: Xterra Front...
  7. ffxcores

    Saturday, November 20, 2021 - Xterra Trail Ride to Flagpole Knob (VA)

    Mark your calendars for November 20 - the Saturday prior to Thanksgiving. Last year we had 10 Xterras come out and run Flagpole. I think this year we can definitely beat that number. Important Disclaimer: This ride is a group of individuals getting together for a ride. Both routes are public...
  8. ffxcores

    Non Xterra - For Sale Canx : Agency 6 Shackle Block $40 obo

    $40 + shipping. Has been placed in the tow hitch a couple times so technically “used” but never used in a recovery. Has two different holes for the pin so can be a little lower profile. Color is earth grey. Edit: no longer for sale. Fits 2" Receivers - Innovative block design has a working...
  9. ffxcores

    Fall 2021 Max Participation Xterra Trail Ride- Flagpole Knob

    First.... petition to rename this forum VA4x4 instead of VAXC, because I don't think VAXC as an org has ever organized anything in the time I've owned (at least this) Xterra. Though to be fair VA4x4 isn't really intended to be Xterra specific either. Oh well. Anyhow, last year we had 10 Xterras...
  10. ffxcores

    Aluminum Skids from ADO/ASFIR Coming Soon for Xterra

    Randomly stumbled across a comment reply from All Dogs Offroad 2 days ago on Youtube saying they were working with ASFIR to bring aluminum skids in for the Frontier, which means compatibility with the Xterra for at least everything but the fuel skid. I would assume they're going to get the...
  11. ffxcores

    Nismo releasing front and rear bumpers for the Xterra

    Skip to 9:39. Only $1,000 and seems to fit nicely. 105 lbs. They also have a rear bumper but seems to be just for lights and recovery points because the hitch still hangs underneath. View: Coming within “weeks!”
  12. ffxcores

    October 2-3, 2021 (Sat-Sun) Camping @ Long Run Rd (Second Mountain/Dictum Ridge Runs)

    Back in July, we discovered an amazing camping site with incredible views, and we're going to attempt to camp there Saturday night, October 2nd. I say "attempt" because it's first come-first serve, and we need to get there early to secure it. All are welcome, as long as you're willing to keep...
  13. ffxcores

    Sunday, September 19, 2021 - Peter’s Mill Run

    Not sure of a time yet but wanted to get it out there. Please let me know if you’re interested!
  14. ffxcores

    Non Xterra - For Sale Rotopax fuel/water containers and spare tire mount

    Selling my Rotopax 2 gallon fuel and 2 gallon water containers that lock together. Never used (I ended up getting the three gallon) and brand new. $140 and local preferred due to shipping hassles. This is less than direct price and you’d save tax, shipping, and waits. Also selling the rear tire...
  15. ffxcores

    Saturday, August 28, 2021 - Long Run/Second Mountain day, Peter’s Mill night

    Anybody up for a double-decker? I would like to try Second Mountain, which is off of Long Run Rd. Meeting spot would be 1pm at the beginning of Long Run Rd, adjacent to the church at 6179 Hopkins Gap Rd, Fulks Run, VA 22830 (but don’t park at the actual church). If there’s extra time, we could...
  16. ffxcores

    Non Xterra - For Sale SOLD - Viair 300p air compressor

    SOLD Selling a Viair 300p air compressor. Works perfectly and comes with all original hoses, accessories, bag, etc. $120 OBO plus shipping. No problems at all - just switched to OBA.
  17. ffxcores

    Saturday, August 7th | Flagpole Knob | Up Switzer Lake/Dunklehollow Rd - Down Union Springs?

    Updates: We’re on! Not sure exactly how many we have at this time. Plan to meet at 11a at Sheetz linked below, or we can meet up other places if you let me know. GMRS channel 17 and I’ll have it in during the drive. We’re bringing a cooler with sandwiches and just doing a late lighter lunch at...
  18. ffxcores

    Non Xterra - For Sale CANX: Ironman Instant Awning (6.5x8ft) + quick release brackets

    Cancelled - the 23 Zero awning was terribly designed and they’re refunding me. For sale is my Ironman instant awning, size 6.5ft by 8ft long. First used this year and I’ve kept great care of it. I love having it, and the only reason I’m getting rid of it is aesthetics - I was offered a 23Zero...
  19. ffxcores

    Saturday July 24th - Long Run Road (near Harrisonburg, VA)

    Recommended by @C3NK0 - we’re going to try out Long Run Rd. Exact timing and route TBD, but thinking early afternoon. Apparently there are lots of side trails and different things to check out so we’ll have some options. Please RSVP if you’re interested - I’m open to something before or after...
  20. ffxcores

    How many miles on a set of tires before replacing one becomes needing to replace two due to wear?

    As the title says, how many miles in general is it before you get to the point where losing one tire means you have to replace two instead of just the one? I'm basing the question off the general idea that two tires on the same axle should be roughly the same diameter. I realize I could put...