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  1. cbrianroll

    Dumb wheel question....

    Is a steel spare the same offset as a stock alloy wheel? Looking to get tires but may get cheap steelies... I like the look of the spare, just dont want to get the tire more inside the wheelwell. Thanks!
  2. cbrianroll

    Modified centerlink?

    Grassroots are not selling ATM, but I read somewhere about making your own. Cant figure out where I saw it...anyone know Of a tech write up?
  3. cbrianroll

    Custom bumper thread?

    Is there a thread on this yet and I missed it? Looking for info and motivation to build my front bumper. Tube specs would be great as I wonder what diameter will look best/worse. Thanks!
  4. cbrianroll

    carpet question..

    Previous owner had a dog. I vacuumed And spray cleaned but it still smells like dog if I leave the windows up. I pulled the carpet out today and really scrubbed it with a brush and detergent. BONUS!! I FOUND A SPARE KEY UNDER IT!! If this doesn't work I may get some new carpet. When I googled...
  5. cbrianroll

    Rack and pinion help

    Hello, so, I've put this off but time to fix now. Alignment is supposedly good, nothing loose or I'm guessing rack and pinion. Steering is a bit harder to turn to the left than the right and it feels like it wants to hold left a bit...kinda weird. Can anyone recomend For or against...
  6. cbrianroll

    Do it yourself body lift kit....

    Hi everyone..... I know I've seen a thread about building your own kit but I cant find it for some reason. Can someone point me in the right direction please. Thanks.
  7. cbrianroll

    replace fender plastic doohickey?

    Sorry, dont know the name of the part...pretty obvious as it broken. All 4 are, thought I'd just pull them off but wondering if theres a replacement part. Hopefully lifting it next summer and bigger tires, not sure if its common Practice to just remove them at that point. Thanks
  8. cbrianroll

    aerosol color match brands..

    Need to paint some after fixing some rust spots. I'm pretty ok normally with rattle can jobs...dont wanna buy a gravity feed...any recommendations for good brand of aerosol color match? Thanks!
  9. cbrianroll

    do fuel injector cleaners really work?

    I see mixed reviews....have any of you used it with confirmed positive results?
  10. cbrianroll

    Another bulb question...

    Got my cmdash lights changed to brighter LEDs. My control knobs on the heater and such however are out or not bright...anyone know what those replacements would be? Thanks!
  11. cbrianroll

    Torsion bar help...

    Well...I leveled the front out, it's actually a 1/4 low still....ran out of room, bolt bottomed out. The nose was really low compared to the rear. Can I still get more lift if I re index them, (or get new ones)...and add 1.5 shackles in rear? I think I've thought to hard about this... .thanks.
  12. cbrianroll

    Not sure where this would go...

    Made me laugh...
  13. cbrianroll

    Slow, sticky windows....

    Anyone clean up they armature or anything, or just replace motor for these to work right?
  14. cbrianroll

    Distributer bearing....

    After reading about this being an issue I'm thinking maybe I will mine, its got a slight hiccup when warm. Anyone know what bearing part number or size is needed? And yes, I need to get s timing gun first to check....thanks
  15. cbrianroll

    03 xterra...synthetic gear oil?

    Upgrade to synthetic or stick with normal? Specs don't Say to use syn. Thanks
  16. cbrianroll

    HG49 axle?? 11 bolt?

    Just found out I have this axle. What front is typically installed with this? When looking at the fluid thread it doesnt show this...did I get an oddball bad thing? These numbers mean anything?
  17. cbrianroll

    Wiring for towing....

    Adding a hitch, mostly for pulling log splitter around the property. Does base model have pre wiring for towing? Ive never installed an after market before, so may be a new thing lol. Thanks.
  18. cbrianroll

    Distributer bearing...

    I've seen this can fail, wondering at what mileage is typical? Also I've seen people replace with cheap bearings, I've always Used Timken....are cheaper ones as good? Thanks!
  19. cbrianroll

    Another PML question??

    Think I may get to this this weekend. Someone wrote a good write up I read or watched? Stating that tires should be equal wear, even pressure, etc. To eliminate that issue does it make sense to pull a straight line from center of hubs or top/bottom of wheels to establish a straight line?
  20. cbrianroll

    Stering wheel swap for audio controls...

    My 03 has none, they are pretty convenient, anybody swap one from another for this feature? Thanks.