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  1. Gen X

    Replace Battery Terminals, Battery & Alternator

    Another one of my little projects for the truck. I want to upgrade my battery terminals for extra space to connect stuff. I plan to install a winch in the next six months (when my front bumper arrives), and a CB. Need to get better stereo and speakers as well, that means amp. I see Rugged Rocks...
  2. Gen X

    Need New Headlights

    My headlight assemblies need replacing, they are all fogged up. I will get the lens cleaning kit for a quick fix, but would like to replace them at some point. Are these Spec D things legit? They are not expensive and claim to be DOT compliant. I like the HID kits but those are $800 and are...
  3. Gen X

    White Spoke Wheels

    I know they aren't the most preetiest, but I've always loved these wheels. I've been trying to find some that fit the Gen 2. I found these, do they fit? I know they are 15" compared to my stock 16's, but I need new tires anyway...
  4. Gen X

    Replace Axle Shaft For Egged Out Wheel Studs?

    Well, my simple maintenance for an upcoming road trip went south quick. Two lug nuts wouldn't come off the driver side rear wheel. In the effort to do so, the wheel studs broke free and started free spinning in the hub. They needed to be torched out, but the shop says the holes in the hub...
  5. Gen X

    Overload Leaf Spring

    Thanks for this how to, very helpful in preparing for installing my AAL. I need a few more parts first. I bought the 4x4 parts three leaf AAL. In the description it recommends removing the overload leaf, or get longer...
  6. Gen X

    Fluid Recommendations some time on my hands and it's time to change both differentials and the transfer case fluid. What brands do you all recommend?
  7. Gen X

    Brake Upgrade

    I'd like to get more stopping power for my truck. Is there a package out there? Something with bigger calipers, rotors, or whatever may be needed?
  8. Gen X

    Exhaust Plan?

    Brainstorming here and looking for some input from the group. I want to put a new exhaust on from the cats back. I was thinking about some form of custom dual exhaust, but not sure if my plan will work. Here's what I'm thinking. Second Gen front pipe. I would buy two of these and cut them...
  9. Gen X

    Gen X's 2010 S

    Here's my new build thread. Won't be much of a build at the moment as I figure out my plan for this new truck. I am extremely happy with this! I knew the first gens were under powered, this 4.0L is great! Here's my first build thread, Gen X's 2001 SE. I really liked that truck but looking...
  10. Gen X

    DIY Roof Rack

    I wanted a simple roof rack that fit within the stock roof rails. I didn’t want a basket that added height, and didn’t want to spend the money for a DepHep or Gobi. I couldn’t find anything that met the size I was looking for so decided to make my own. I made this one for a little over $100...
  11. Gen X

    Cruise Control

    Not sure if this belongs here or in general maintenance. Mods please move if this fits somewhere else better. I'm getting ready for a long road trip, and my cruise control doesn't work. When I hit the button, there is an audible click and the cruise light turns on. But, when I take my foot...
  12. Gen X

    Umm...didn't see the fine print - Differential Gear Oil

    So, in the sweltering heat of this past Saturday, I changed the front and rear diff fluid and the transfer case. Also finally got my AC shackles put on too, replacing the DIY shackles from the previous owner. They gave me a bit more lift and are far more solid than the welded frankensteins...
  13. Gen X

    P0110 Intake Air Temp Sensor

    So, time for inspection and emissions. Went to the shop Sat morning and they said muffler and flex pipe was leaking. On the way to Autozone for new y pipe and muffler, my service engine soon light came on. Pulled the code and got P0110 for IAT sensor. Read up and first step was reset and see...
  14. Gen X

    Non Xterra - Wanted CO2 Cylinder

    Ok, I'm tired of taking forever to air up. I'm going to build my own CO2 system to air up after my rides. I have read the many pro/con posts and watched numerous videos, I want to use the CO2 system rather than a Viair or other OBA system. So, anyone have a 10lb cylinder they want to part...
  15. Gen X

    X'es A Plenty

    On a recent work trip, I spent a few days in Freetown, Sierra Leone in West Africa. There were X'es everywhere! I'm not sure what platform they were, possibly diesel given the commonality of them in this area? I didn't get a chance for a close up look to see how they were setup. Here's a few...
  16. Gen X

    Torsion Bars

    I have the AC heavy duty bars I picked up from Rhaas. One has an RH on it, I assume that means it goes on the right, passenger side? On one end of each is stamped an R and L, I assume also to distinguish right from left. Where does the marked end get installed. Doescthe marked end go into the...
  17. Gen X

    From 265 to 285?

    The time for new tires is near. I've read through lots of posts about tire fit, but would feel more comfortable getting responses to a specific post. I currently run 265/75/16 BFGs on MB 352 wheels (16 X8.5 6-139.70 -6 BKMTXX). I have NO body lift, just a PML. I've decided to go with...
  18. Gen X

    CB Power Wiring

    I just picked up a CB and want to temp power with a cigarette lighter adapter until I permanently install it. I have an old adapter from a random old piece of gear. I connected it to the CB and tried it out, but no power. CB is Uniden PRO505XL. Do I need a specific adapter for power? Does this...
  19. Gen X

    DIY Tire Deflator

    Saw a guy with a DIY tire deflator on the trail last week. So, not my original idea, but posting a DIY thread on the one I built. This is super simple and took only about 10 mins. Since I’m a 1st Genner, I posted in this DIY forum, but this is a cross gen tool! Parts Needed: A tire valve...
  20. Gen X

    C1113 G Sensor, Really?

    If I knew these things had G sensors my college days may have been more interesting! Anyway, this code came up today. Looking at schematics, for a 2001, the sensor is somewhere under the center console. Is this true for a manual? Anyone need to replace this before and can tell me where it is...