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    Brake pad and rotor set?

    Just wondering if anyone has experience with this brand. Got shocks coming, since what's on the vehicle looks like original equipment. Figure since I'm gonna be in there might as well get my brakes stored up as well (planning on doing steel braided lines as well if I can find a set)...
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    Methanol injection?

    I've been thinking of what mods I would like to do first once I get my X. I saw the posts about meth injection on 1st gens but nothing for 2nd gen. Has anyone done it too a 2nd gen? Cause I live in Vegas and it gets pretty hot here I'm trying to think of ways to lower my IAT's.
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    Hello all

    How's it going everyone. Names Chris, I just purchased 2012 Xterra S with 4wd. It is an automatic but ill learn to live with that, lol. Been wanting an Xterra for quite a long time so I'm really happy to be getting one finally. I don't actually get it till this coming Sunday (Carvana purchase)...