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  1. xterraography

    Saturday, August 28, 2021 - Long Run/Second Mountain day, Peter’s Mill night

    I’m up for it. @C3NK0 have fun in Myrtle. bummed you won’t make it though man.
  2. xterraography

    Virginia, Maryland, DC area 2021 general plans for the season

    I'm down for any of the above. I like @Pro-4K's idea of getting some good footage from a run. It would be cool to get an aerial shot of all the lighting setups with the drone at some point (maybe atop Flagpole). I also want to get some more camping in this year.
  3. xterraography

    Sun, Nov 8th Wheeling - Hoping For Max Participation!

    I’m game for either, whichever we can get the most people out. Though @Pro-4K photos are pretty convincing for Switzer lake.
  4. xterraography

    Peter's Mill Run (reverse!) In Gwnf - Sunday, 10/18/2020

    It definitely turned out to be a great trip. We need to do another one soon.
  5. xterraography

    Peter's Mill Run (reverse!) In Gwnf - Sunday, 10/18/2020

    I’m in for both camping and doing Peter’s Mill Run. Depending on when I get out of work Friday, I could run down and try and snag a spot.