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  1. Cptpackrat

    Koh 2020

    Is anyone else going to KOH this year. Im planning on being on the lakebed early morning of the 31st
  2. Cptpackrat

    Damn Good Grilled Cheese

    So since it is winter and I havent been in the garage wrenching as much, I needed to find something new to burn up time. I recently started watching various food youtube channels and stumbled across Bon Appetit's youtube channel. I went to their website and started looking at recipes. Here is...
  3. Cptpackrat

    Fueling questions

    Many of you guys know I like to do things a bit over the top. In my never ending quest for the best suspension possible I am now looking into fuel cells. Which really isnt a question. My questions are, what is the OHMS range of our sending unit and what is our fuel pump flow rates and pressures...
  4. Cptpackrat

    Factory foglight Amps?

    Just as the title says, what is the factory fog light amp draw on these rigs? I looks quite a bit but want to make sure I dont wire something in that overloads the factory wiring.
  5. Cptpackrat

    Maisie the 2018 Honda Grom

    As some people know I have had a thing for motorcycles over the past year or two and have been aching to get on one. I recently started shopping pretty hard and looked at several different bike including a 2015 CBR300R a 2017 CBR300F and of course the Grom 125. I wasnt really sure what I wanted...
  6. Cptpackrat

    New Silicone Hoses!!!

    Hey everyone, I have been working with a few individuals to bring silicone hose kits for the VG33 to the market. These kits can be ordered in 11 different colours and are available to you through for $155. We need at least 20 kits sold and after that these kits will remain...
  7. Cptpackrat

    Brake setups- Rotors and Pads

    Most of what we build these SAS are for low speeds, but I would like to have decent brake setups since I do daily my truck. Here is my question. Slotted rotors yes or no? Pros and cons of them? And then semi metallic pads or ceramics? Which would be better for highway and daily along with...
  8. Cptpackrat

    Electric fans

    So in conjunction to my R34 Radiator I am looking at doing some form of auxiliary fan that can be turned on and off from a switch located in the cab of my rig. This would allow me to flip it on and have airflow through the radiator during no moving or slow moving situations on the trail. Here...