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    Brittle plastic heater hose ends

    I had seen a post on here about changing the plastic heater hose ends with brass pex tee. Searching around rockauto site I stumbled on these from Dorman, Boom!!! $10 and $35 for the long pipe RockAuto NISSAN > 2014 > XTERRA > 4.0L V6 > Heat & Air Conditioning > Heater Hose / Pipe Fit perfectly...
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    Hood gas cylinder props and under hood light

    So I put the gas cylinder kit that was on eBay for a Navro and it fits perfectly. Getting rid of the prop rod and lifts the hood about 4” taller. Also put a led under hood light that hopefully never need.
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    What ATF is everyone using?

    Hi, getting ready to change the ATF and filter in my 2014 X 2WD has only 40k on it. Looking at Valvoline Maxlife ATF its rated for Nissan J or S. Also rear diff C200 going to use (unless I hear otherwise) Mobil 1 75-140w GL-5 ? Not too worried about the diff changed it when I put on the new...
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    Bullydog 40415

    Hi, I have a used Bulldog 40415 I got off Ebay $300 shipped (the only place that would ship to Calif because our "moral Superiors" won't allow us to have nice things). Problem is it will not install the file to the ECM giving code 440 (an unknown error). Monitoring works fine but the BD update...
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    Light Bar Rear Lights

    I don’t know if I got the lights for the switches or the other way, but I seen them on eBay looked cool and fit right in the blank holes next to mirror control
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    Custom Roof Rack

    I made my roof rack couple weeks ago. I wanted something that sat low between the roof bars and didn’t break the bank. Cost about $120 in steel and u-bolts and a spool of .03 flux core wire. Made from 1” sq .062 wall tubing. U- bolts from McMaster are 2” insulated bored out to 2.170 to fit the...
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    Instrument Panel Fog Light Indicator

    Hi, I added fog lights and new turn signal stock to my 2014 Xterra X and would like the instrument panel indicator lite to show when their on. Anyone have this issue?