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  1. scoyoc

    Greaseable Shackle Bolts

    The poly bushing that came with my Alcan leaf springs are super noisy. I recently picked up a set of OEM rubber bushing and have been considering putting in greaseable bolts when I replace the bushings. I've been looking at the Iron Man and OME greaseable shackles and contemplating asking if I...
  2. scoyoc

    2nd Gen - For Sale Shocks And Shackles

    Used rear Bilstein 4600’s, the stock shocks from a 2012 Pro-4X. Good condition, used for 72,500 miles. $75 + shipping (~$20). Used shackles from the same X. Good condition, used for 72,500 mills. $75 + shipping (~$20). New Currie U-bolt skids. I went with the flip kit instead, but...
  3. scoyoc

    2nd Gen - Wanted Iso: 2nd Gen Roof Rack Crossbars

    The feet, or the pieces that connect to the rails, are loose. Probably because I leave my hi-lift mounted. Anyway, I'm looking for a replacement set for my 2012 P4X.
  4. scoyoc


    Did anyone else catch the comet? I took there up at Sand Flats last week.
  5. scoyoc

    Ironman Frontier Front Recovery Points

    Anybody have these on their X? It doesn’t explicitly say Xterra, I am thinking that would work.
  6. scoyoc

    The Strengths (and Pitfalls) Of Bilstein 5100's

    I thought I would take this conversation to a new thread instead of hi-jacking the "Dumb questions" thread. Cautionary note: I might have had one too many martini's to explain my self adequately, so be warned... :D That's what my buddy, the guy who helps with the wrenching, has be spouting...
  7. scoyoc

    Headlight Restoration Kits

    My headlights are lookin' shabby. I got the Chemical Guys headlight restore goo, but they fogged again after a couple days. It didn't fully restored my lights anyway, there was still some haze in the center. What kits have you used? How did your headlights turn out? Would you use that kit again?
  8. scoyoc

    Happy New Year Xn!

    Welcome to a new decade from Moab, UT!
  9. scoyoc

    2nd Gen - Wanted Wtb Gobi Ladder - Passenger Side

    I'm looking for a passenger side Gobi ladder to fit my soon to be Maxterra bumper. I thought I'd ask around before pulling the trigger on one from Gobi. Gobi is offering 10% off for Black Friday through 12/4. At least that covers tax...
  10. scoyoc

    2" Suspension Suggestions to Increasing Travel

    @Maxterra is starting to work on my bumper, so once I get it paid off and installed I can start thinking about my suspension. I'm kind of tired of the constant wheel-lifts; I'd like to get more travel. I'm looking to do 2" in the front and 2.5" in the back, and I'd like to keep it around $1200...
  11. scoyoc

    SE Utah 4WD Tracks

    I put together this Google Earth file (*.kml) and Excel spreadsheet of 4WD trails in SE Utah (and some in Colorado) and thought you all would like to check it out. I downloaded most of the tracks from Red Rock 4-wheelers and Jeeping the USA. The tracks are color coded for difficulty rating...
  12. scoyoc

    What's on your YouTube Feed?

    This one just popped up on mine. Overview of SAS'd X from Rogue Overland.
  13. scoyoc

    scoyoc's P4X-wing Fighter

    Yeah, I'm a huge Star Wars fan. :D Welcome to my build and trip page. I'm building this rig for week long, family overland adventures and some light Moab 'wheeling. Since I live in Moab, Utah we frequent places like The Maze, The White Rim, and Elephant Hill in Canyonlands National Park...
  14. scoyoc

    Hello from Moab!

    Hey there. I'm in Moab, UT. I was/am somewhat active on TNX and it's always nice to be part of an enthusiastic community. I recognize a few handles form TNX :salute: :-D I've got a 2012 P4X and jumped on the mod wagon last fall. I put in front Bil 5100 and an Alcan leaf pack, and ordered a...