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  1. Krisnherx

    P0340 - Camshaft Position sensor, it won't go away!

    The original distributor went Kaput! Shards everywhere. Replaced it. Then I got the P0340 code - Camshaft position sensor. Took it back to OReilly's and got another one. Same thing keeps happening. I'm tying not to think that it's OReilly's fault but this is the second one... I dont want to have...
  2. Krisnherx

    Gradual Power loss / Fuel issue...HELP?!

    Hey everyone, Krispy here. Jenny is having some issues lately and we're stumped. I'm not finding a whole lot of similar experiences through the forums so I figured I'd create a new post. A few days ago, I started to feel a lag in the truck. I tried to get on the interstate to go to work and...
  3. Krisnherx

    1st Gen Receiver & Cargo Basket

    Nissan Truck Reciever Class III. Fits 2000-04 Nissan Xterra and Frontier. It came off of an '03 Xterra but was never used to haul anything other than my cargo basket. $125.00 OBO+ shipping. Cargo basket - SOLD