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  1. BillySpivitz

    Rear Storage Area, Tools and Spares

    Are you able to fit the Tekton 3/8" socket set + case in the Rigid toolbox, or did you need to take them out loose
  2. BillySpivitz

    Xterranation is FAMOUS! They made it to TFL!

    very cool, nice job
  3. BillySpivitz

    2021 Supporting Membership Drive

  4. BillySpivitz

    Agm Battery / Charger Questions

    For the Odyssey, they have an approved list of chargers that they recommend for their batteries - I don't think the NOCO's are listed. Here's the list: I remember when I was researching this, I came across a post on some...
  5. BillySpivitz

    goneMOAB 2020
  6. BillySpivitz

    The Greater Post Whore Society - Volume 5: New Blood

    is there a language filter? i can't find it in the settings. Or are people just typing ufck and shiat on purpose to circumvent
  7. BillySpivitz

    The Greater Post Whore Society - Volume 5: New Blood

    For light snow - maybe up to 6" - its good for what it is (I bought a cheaper, lower level one). Pretty quiet. Decent throw. Depending on if its a wet or dry snow, battery lasts maybe 35-45 minutes. Something like today though, its under powered. Went through two batteries, and haven't...
  8. BillySpivitz

    The Greater Post Whore Society - Volume 5: New Blood

    Our snow is light and fluffy most of the time anyways - agreed, don't need a snow blower here. I have one just due to the square footage of pavement I have to clear. Live on a double corner lot (so three sides of sidewalk) and have a two-car wide driveway. Saves me a lot of time with the...
  9. BillySpivitz

    Dash Removal. Help?

    I don't have any experience in doing this, but would suggest reading through the FSM. I think you'll be looking in section VTL, and IP for the instrument panels that you'll need to remove.
  10. BillySpivitz

    Welcome TNX Refugees!

    I don't know what you guys are harping on about. I mean threads like this: keep me coming back. The fact that now 3 of the guys from the UK are now posting, and haven't been banned for being spammers, comedy gold my folks.
  11. BillySpivitz

    PhullD's Build Thread

    I've never been - do they have scantily clad women? That was the only draw for Tilted Kilt
  12. BillySpivitz

    PhullD's Build Thread

    Yeah, I don't think anyone out here undersprays their vehicles. Ha
  13. BillySpivitz

    PhullD's Build Thread

    Sadly, Tilted Kilt close down two years ago on 16th Street Mall - turned into Burnt Barrel. Sports Bar without the scenery. They closed down less then a year later.
  14. BillySpivitz

    What have you done for your X?

    Replaced inner/outer tie rod ends. XTERRA-TRE-01 by Billy Spivitz, on Flickr XTERRA-TRE-02 by Billy Spivitz, on Flickr
  15. BillySpivitz

    BillySpivitz's X

    Finally replaced the inner/outer tie rods. Found out I had some slop in the driver side at the precheck at gonemoab this year. Had noticed some vibration on highway as well. All in all this was a pretty straight forward job - took me about 2.5-3 hours, had some trouble getting the tension nut...
  16. BillySpivitz

    Prime'z X²

    I'm going to be a bit behind you in schedule - looking to buy front/rear 4.56 gears this fall, install in M205 off-truck this fall, buy UCA/Shocks/Half Shafts/LCA/everything else in spring, regear M226 on truck in late spring (while removing r180 half shafts and running 2wd for a bit), swap...