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  1. General_Tarfun

    O2 Sensor reads incomplete?

    I've had what I thought was a bad cat for a while now but yesterday when I checked the code again with my scanner I noticed that the catalyst shows complete but the O2 Sensor reads incomplete under the P0420 code. Anyone have any idea if that's just the O2 sensor that needs replacing?
  2. General_Tarfun

    2nd Gen - For Sale Sold: Nolathan Polyurethane Front Spring Eye Bushings

    I'm moving soon and these aren't coming with me, I decided against installing them a while ago mostly out of laziness but they can be yours for free, just cover the price of shipping these in a small flat rate priority box which as of today is $8.30
  3. General_Tarfun

    Do Power Steering Pumps Get Weak Or Just Die?

    I have the opportunity to get a low mileage OE power steering pump for pretty cheap. Saving money is great but I also don't know if this is a pointless job because the one I have (original, 186k) still functions, doesn't make any weird noises and as far I can tell is fine. The rubber hoses leak...
  4. General_Tarfun

    Drivers Side Power Window Randomly Stuck Down

    Twice now in the past 3 months I've had the drivers side window get stuck in the down position. Both times were on my trips out to Texas where I had no choice but to continue with it down because I couldn't afford to lose time on it. Eventually it does go back up, usually by closing the door...
  5. General_Tarfun

    Did Rock Auto send me the wrong inner tie rods twice?

    The inners seem way too long
  6. General_Tarfun

    Front bump stop extensions

    I'd like to get my front bump stops an inch or so closer to their contact point I'm debating how to achieve it. My first thought was I could use a metal bracket or a block maybe to bolt to the lca and then bolt the bump stop to that. But then I started thinking putting a solid material under...
  7. General_Tarfun

    LCA bushings

    I have a decent amount of forward/backward movement coming from the bushings on my barely a year old/11k mile Moog lca's that I want to get rid of. Does this order seem right for trying to fix this? 1. Delrin washers to shim the lca in place and hopefully block it from moving around. Cost...
  8. General_Tarfun

    How-to: Change Gentex Mirror Color to Blue

    How-to: Change Gentex Mirror Color to Blue Tools Required: T15 Torx screwdriver Plastic trim removal tool Soldering Iron Multimeter (recommended but not required for this one) Materials Blue Adhesive Film White 1206 SMD LED Step 1. Remove the mirror. Pull off the wiring harness from the...
  9. General_Tarfun

    How-to: Repair Master Power Window Switch

    For a few years I was dealing with my master power window switch being able to put a rear window down but not back up again and I'd have to reach back to the rear door and use that switch to get the window back up. I know a bunch of us have run into the same problem and I looked at replacing...
  10. General_Tarfun

    How-to: Change Color Of Passenger Airbag Light LED (05-08)

    How-to: Change color of Passenger Airbag light LED Important! If you remove the LED and don't replace it, or if you don't solder the new one on well and it falls off or something the airbag light will illuminate and you'll have to fix it and do the airbag check reset procedure: 1. Turn key to...
  11. General_Tarfun

    How-to: OEM Nissan-Style Cam Bolts

    How-to: Cheap OEM-Style Camber Bolts Update: First check on Parts Souq to see if they have them in stock, with shipping you can get the Nissan bolts for cheap. If not, then check out what's below. So I had a set of Moog camber bolts that the alignments shops rounded out after about a year. I...
  12. General_Tarfun

    How-to: Build A Bilstein 5125 Lower Mount Bushing

    The Bilstein 5125 Lower (Axle End) Bushing Guide –2nd Gen Nissan Xterra I went through installing a set of these and it was unbelievable how little information was available for independently sourcing the bushings/sleeves for the lower shock mount. I did a ton of research over a few weeks on...
  13. General_Tarfun

    How to: Change Oil Cooler Hose (Coolant Return to Engine)

    After ordering some special pliers I was ready to take this on again for round 2 and this time I was able to change the hose successfully. Here’s what you’ll need for the job and how to do it: Crescent PSX204C X2 Long Reach Plier Set. Nissan Hose Part# 21306-EA200. On the part diagram picture...
  14. General_Tarfun

    How to: Build Relay Harness For 100 Watt Headlight Bulbs

    I’ve been driving the X daily since 2006 so I’ve been putting up with the headlights for a loooong time. I’ve tried every halogen option you can buy and aside from the slight color variations none of them were very good, the headlights just always seemed dim and underpowered. I got to thinking...
  15. General_Tarfun

    How to: Replace License Plate Light Housings On 05-08 Xterra

    Here's what you'll need to do this job: Westin Automotive License Plate Kit 00007153. $13.54. I bought at 2 led bulbs. $3.50 I found on ebay under PAIR 3SMD 3 3528 SMD LED T10 W5W 194 168 WHITE INTERIOR DOME WEDGE LIGHT BULB. Heat Shrink Wire Sheathing Wire Crimping Tool...
  16. General_Tarfun

    How to: Change Gauge Cluster LED Color

    Required Parts List: Instrument cluster leds: 1206 SMD Cool Clear White LED's that I bought x50 from Lighthouse LEDs for $15 shipped. For the coloring I used these vinyl transparent sheets. $7.95 for 3 sheets, can be 3 different colors if you want or 3 of the same. You won’t need much so it...
  17. General_Tarfun

    The Grackle

    The Grackle I'm the original owner of this 2006 Super Black Nissan Xterra S. Username: General_Tarfun Year: 2006 Model: Xterra Trim: S (2WD) Color: Super Black Factory Options: • Auto-dim/compass mirror • Tow Package • Rear cargo privacy cover • Side Molding • Mud Flaps (removed) • Step Rails...
  18. General_Tarfun

    Yet another TNX refugee

    Hello from GA! I see a lot of familiar usernames in this thread haha. Looking forward to moving all of my stuff over here.