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  1. Springfield

    How To Turn Off Auto Re-lock Feature - 2nd Gen 2005

    When I'm getting gear in and out of my 2005 S, with the engine off and key out, it will lock by itself after a few minutes. Looked thru a few links and other sites but didn't see how to turn this feature OFF. (This is not the auto-lock feature when moving above 15 mph, or it's twin...
  2. Springfield


    I'm a life-long sailor and have sailed a number of dinghys, keel boats, and catamarans. My reason for joining XN was needing a good used truck to pull my sailboat to the many rivers and lakes here in central FL. Here's a pic of a Windrider 16 trimaran, actually a pair of them I recently picked...
  3. Springfield

    Need Some Hoses

    2005 S model. Engine started intermittently having rough idle, so opened the hood and found two broken hoses: 1) about 3/4" dia hose from valve cover to air intake tube, and 2) smaller hose laying on top of throttle body and connecting to metal tube underneath of air tube bracket. Where can I...
  4. Springfield

    Hi From Fl

    HI ya'll !! Just bought a 2005 with 193,000 miles. Previous owner had replaced the radiator in 2011 so hopefully no SMOD problem. Never really considered an X before, just found this one locally while looking for something to tow a small boat. Hope to learn a lot about my new favorite toy...
  5. Springfield

    Problem With Trailer Running Lights

    Just bought a 2005 that seems well maintained with 193,000 miles. Yes, read about the SMOD but PO had the radiator replaced in 2011 and no signs of contaminated trans fluid or coolant. It did not have a trailer hitch or connector installed. Bought it to tow a small boat (under 1,000 lb) so...