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  1. Taylor Spaulding

    How to not bind my CVs with SPC UCAs

    Hey all, this is probably a dumb question, but one I haven't seen answered or even discussed anywhere on this site or others. I'm likely just bad at googling. I have a 2013 S with SW bumper with winch, engine and rad skids, sliders, and rear bumper. I recently purchased the AllDogsOffroad 5100...
  2. Taylor Spaulding

    Stop The Rubbing

    Hey All, So I just got back from the tire shop with these great Yokohama Geolander 285s. Unfortunately, this little nubbin in the back front fender rubs on both sides (one more than the other). Any thoughts on how to fix this little issue? I'm assuming it will involve some trimming? Is the...
  3. Taylor Spaulding

    2nd Gen - Wanted Shrockworks Front Bumper And Rad Skid

    Title says it. Looking to buy, I'm in NorCal willing to travel within reason to meet. I have a stock bumper I'm willing to trade. Looking for Rad Skid and Bumper with Hoops, will take the winch too if offered. Looking to spend around $1500 for Bumper, Skid, and winch in decent condition.
  4. Taylor Spaulding

    Diagnosing A Charging Issue.

    Hey All, Just got back from a trip doing the old Mojave Road. For those of you familiar, against my better judgement, I bent to peer pressure and completed the Afton Crossing. After the Afton crossing and before the train trestle is another developing hole...and here the bottom is soft; I got...
  5. Taylor Spaulding

    Diy Hybrid Folding And Rollout Awning

    I got inspired by the videos here and here posted on another thread on another site (TNX) I decided to take the best of both worlds and design a roll-up awning with folding legs. Materials: 3 sticks of 1/2" x 10' EMT 1 4" ABS Pipe 10' long 1 4" ABS Cap 1 4" ABS Cleanout 1 8' x 10' Heavy...
  6. Taylor Spaulding

    Need Help Diagnosing At Rattle/clank

    Hey all, recently I've been noticing two things which may or may not be related. 1. A rattling noise when going over bumps, seeming to come from the engine bay near the front. 2. During idle, especially when in gear, there is a loud clicking that sounds like a solenoid switch followed by 1-2...
  7. Taylor Spaulding

    Mean Green Alternator Setpoint

    Anyone with a Mean Green Alternator that has also disconnected their VVC device and tracked their voltage? Frequent lurker, infrequent poster. Looking for some people with experience with a Mean Green 200amp alternator. I'm most interested in the voltage output after a swap, especially if...
  8. Taylor Spaulding

    Finally Finished: On-Board Hot and Cold Water

    Hello all, I've been off the boards for a while, work went crazy and I've spent all my spare time trying to keep my life in order. Part of that was finishing up this build which started back in April and is finished today, 7 months later. Without further ado, here's how I have built an...
  9. Taylor Spaulding

    Taylor Spaulding's '13 Xterra

    Username: Make: Nissan Year: 2013 Model: Xterra Trim: S Color: Night Armor Code Name: "Night Fury" Mods: (Newer mods at the top) Interior: 4/27/19: Rear Switch Plate and Junction Box (Post #5) and How To 7/1/17: Pioneer AVH-391BHS Exterior: 4/20/19: Beginning of Operation: Batteries and...
  10. Taylor Spaulding

    2nd Gen - Wanted WTB: Armor

    Sliders, skids, Bumpers, what've you got!? I'm interested in functional gear that has been used and might need a little TLC. Want to upgrade to a brand new Hefty aluminum bumper, but want to get some return on your shrock? I'm your man. I'm especially interested in front plate bumpers and...
  11. Taylor Spaulding

    How To: Dual Battery in Engine Bay ala GeoXplorer

    Notes: *GeoXplorer's post over on TNX is one of the most complete write-ups with full pictures of everything. I used it often. I would read his version first, then read mine. His goes into MUCH more detail. *I completed this from setup to clean up in about 10 hrs (maybe 11) including runs to...
  12. Taylor Spaulding

    How To: Switches and Power; Cargo Passenger Wall

    OK! Finally have some time to write this up and finished the wiring yesterday! * I had already completed my Dual Battery Install. * I was also working on rewiring my aftermarket backup camera and adding in the wiring for my on-board water system so those are some of the wires you will see...
  13. Taylor Spaulding

    Hey from North Bay Area/Sacramento

    Annnnnndddd yup you guessed it, another refugee! Name is in my screen name. Thanks for welcoming us in! I've got a 2013 X that I'm working on getting ready for light offroading/overlanding. Avid outdoors man on land and sea. Fisheries Biologist. Open book, ask me anything. Side note...