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  1. KaBoom

    Lca Ball Joint Removal

    I need to press out and replace my lca ball joints. What are the things I should be disconnecting at a minimum? Do I need to remove the axle to get to it?
  2. KaBoom

    P0057 Not Resolving

    Had a P0057 code for a while. Today I jacked up the X and got the multimeter. Did some diagnostics per the fsm. Battery voltage was 12.45 - voltage through the harness connector was 12.1. thinking that was because of a not perfect ground (used the exhaust ground behind the cat). Tested the...
  3. KaBoom

    High Pitched Noise With Acceleration

    When I depress the accelerator from slower speeds, I hear a constant high-pitched whine from the front left. It will disappear if I lay off of the accelerator, and won't return depressing the accelerator again. Basically, accelerate - whine appears. Lay off accelerator- whine disappears...
  4. KaBoom

    Rolls Forward In Reverse

    Stopped on a decline, put in reverse to back up, let off brake, rolled forward at least a foot before I reapplied the brake. Held the brake while giving it a little gas until I heard the gear engage. Is this normal or is there something I've neglected. 2009 OR, 185K miles, original transmission.
  5. KaBoom

    Mounting Stock Fogs to Hardcore Bumper

    Anyone have suggestions on how to best mount the stock fog lights to a Hardcore Offroad front bumper? I've seen a few posts on how to mount them to Shrockworks using a SW-made mount. Wanted to see if I could secure it well and flush without anything too special. Also, is it preferable to...