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  1. 01XterraPhilly

    Spotted: I76E going into Philly

    I spotted a denim blue or black first gen with most likely a 3" SL and 2" BL and looked like 33s. You also had a roof basket with a spare up there. Also you had i think a 4' or 5' antenna for the cb. Looked like you also had revolver shackles. It was jersey plates and a guy driving. You...
  2. 01XterraPhilly

    How-To: General Wiring

    did you make that switch panel? im thinking of doing that for my switch setup and didnt know if that was custom or you got it somewhere.
  3. 01XterraPhilly

    Wheel Fitment Guide

    So I got bored while working and found this pretty cool site called and they have this guide to wheels. I was looking around because I personally want to drop to 15" wheels and maybe I can find some in a junk yard. Well I wanted to know what other car brand wheels will fit our...
  4. 01XterraPhilly

    32" 180W Led Light Bar by Apocalyptic Lighting by Undead Offroad

    So I finally got this dang light bar done and what not so Im going to attempt to do a write up for it and make it as simple as possible. So let's start with what I am working with. Light Bar Link: Wiring Harness...