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  1. akinc

    seXTERRA Who's Going To WENT?

    Ok seXTERRA folks. Who is going to be attending WENT? I will have stickers on hand to sign up new members. I would like to get a group photo also. Please copy, paste and update list, if you can Going: I know there are at least 4 obvious folks that are going, but I will let them post up here...
  2. akinc

    seXTERRA Official Rides List

    This is our Official rides list. Meaning rides that will be annual, I would love for everybody to come join us for at least one ride....... I understand life happens and other stuff does too. February- Run To the Mills-Windrock Park in Oliver Springs, TN, not just a trip to the Windmills...
  3. akinc

    Misc. Gen 2 Parts

    For Sale 1 set of 2005 OEM crossbars, black, a little overspray of bedliner on them. $50 plus shipping 1 set of 2012 OEM crossbars, silver. Great condition. $100 plus shipping 3-1.5" wheel spacers/adapters. Changes lug pattern from 6x4.5 to 6x5.5. I have a fourth one but it is all...
  4. akinc

    Forum Etiquette for First Names

    This is something I have been wondering about for a while now. What is the proper forum etiquette for first names? I don't care at all if my first name is used. If you need to find somebody, it's not that hard these days with the interwebs and all. Just want to know what everybody else's...
  5. akinc

    Foodservice Employees

    How many folks here work in foodservice? Or have worked in foodservice? I've been in the industry for close to 17 years. Started as a dishwasher at a steakhouse. Now I'm an Executive Chef w/ a very reputable company. I won't say the name, but the company also provides linen services, building...