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  1. Rhaas

    Non Xterra - For Sale Headlight Retrofit Kit!

    I have a complete Headlight Retrofit Kit for sale! Brand new, never used! Has been tested and everything works, but never installed or used. Includes: Morimoto LED Projectors custom etched with the RS6 pattern, Profile Prism RGB Halos for the Appollo 3.0 Shrouds (tou will have to purchase...
  2. Rhaas

    1st Gen - For Sale Desert Runner Rims

    I have 3 desert runner rims for Nissan Xterra or Frontier. Selling for $30 a rim plus shipping. The rims are in normal use condition. Firm on price. 3rd rim is not in picture, but is the same as the other two.
  3. Rhaas

    1st Gen - For Sale Heavy Duty Torsion Bars

    I have a pair of Heavy Duty Torsion Bars for the 1st Gen Xterra for sale. These Torsion Bars come from 4x4 parts and Are in Excellent Condition. They have less than 2000 miles on them and are rust free! They offer a 30% higher Spring Rate over the factory standard. These bars come with dust...
  4. Rhaas

    1st Gen - For Sale Calmini Idler Arm Brace

    I have for sale a 1st Gen Calmini Idler Arm Brace! This IAB is in excellent condition. Great for added strength and rigidity to the steerings weakest point, the Idler Arm. Asking $25 plus shipping. And Unlike Calmini's famous 4-6 month wait time, this will be shipped ON or the next business day!
  5. Rhaas

    1st Gen - For Sale Calmini Upper Control Arms For Sale!

    I Have a pair of First Gen Calmini UCAs for sale! They are in Excellent Condition! Comes with Polyurethane Bushings and sleeve also in excellent condition! They do not come with Ball Joints, but these can be purchased from RockAuto for only 20 bucks a piece for the good Moog brand. These UCA...
  6. Rhaas

    1st Gen - For Sale Xterra Neoprene Seat Covers

    I have a set of the Xterra Neoprene Seat Covers. Comes with all covers for all seats. They are pretty clean given their purpose. Few little dirty spots, but that is normal wear and tear. When they get dirty, easy to clean, just throw in washer and then hang to dry and you good to go. I took good...
  7. Rhaas

    Rear Frame Rails Rusted Away! What To Do???

    Hello there. So upon inspection of my Car the other day when the weather was finally nice, I found that the rear frame rails are completely rusted away. And they hold the rear leafs. Idk how it's still holding but it is not safe at all. Idk what to do now. Need Ideas. To me it seems like this...
  8. Rhaas

    1st Gen - Wanted In serious need of Desert Runner Rims

    Hello all. I am in serious dire of finding some desert runner rims for my Xterra. Located in Akron Ohio area. Any help would greatly be appreciated!
  9. Rhaas

    Ball joint for Calmini UCA

    So the Ball joint that came with my Calmini UCA is going. I want to replace it with something better than what they gave me. Any recommendations? Moog? And what part number. Thanks!
  10. Rhaas

    Steering pump or Box goin?

    Ok so lately my steering on my Xterra has been sketchy. When I turn the steering wheel while moving with no gas being applied, I can feel in the steering wheel that it like creaks and and shudders like the power steering is going out (no noise, just feel). When I apply a little gas and get the...
  11. Rhaas

    List of New Bolts?

    Hello there. So next week me and my friends are getting together to install my 3inch lift. I got new bilstein 5100 shocks, torsion bars, Calmini UCA, Moog ball joints, AAL, shackles, Warn manual Hubs, etc. Now, I remember reading somewhere on here that when doing a suspension lift, it is better...
  12. Rhaas

    Warn manual locking hubs for 2002 Xterra?

    Hey guys! So I just purchased everything for a 3 inch suspension lift. Now I can't seem to find the manual locking hubs by warn for my 2002 Xterra. Does anybody know where I can purchase a set that will fit on my Xterra? It seems they only make them for the 2000 year. Any help will be greatly...
  13. Rhaas

    Swap a Frontier climate controls into Xterra's?

    Hey guys. So my Mother has a 2015 Xterra Pro-4x with all the bells and whistles. Now I love it all and drive it a-lot, But after seeing the Frontier's climate control on the Pro-4x model it got me thinking. Is it possible to swap out the Climate control with LCD screen and dual climate control...
  14. Rhaas

    Oil Pan replacement

    Does anybody know where I can find a thread with pictures on how to replace the oil pan for the vg33e engines. I cant seem to find anything online, and mine is getting rusty, and is leaking a bit. I have 4wd so i have the diff in the way and that. Im thinking about doing this at where I work...
  15. Rhaas

    WTB: Frontier Dessert Runners

    WTB: Frontier Desert Runners Hey guys. So i'm looking around trying to find a set of the Nissan Frontier Desert Runner rims to put on my 2002 Xterra. I prefer them in the graphite color, and they need to be in good condition, no rock/curb rash. And they gotta have the hub caps. If you guys can...
  16. Rhaas

    What size Rims?

    Hey guys. Im sure this question has been asked on here somewhere already. But i'm gonna be doing a 2 inch body lift and a 3 inch suspension lift here soon. What is the best rim and tire size to get where I do not have to do any trimming to the metal. I would like to use 33x12.5x15 tires. So is...
  17. Rhaas

    Automatic Transmission fluid flush and change.

    Hey guys, so I've been looking all over creation. I cant seem to find a do it yourself transmission fluid flush and change with pictures specifically for a 1st gen auto xterra. If anybody could point me into the right direction, that would be excellent. Thank you!!!!
  18. Rhaas

    Timing Belt & water pump change

    Hey guys. Im sure somebody posted a forum of the complete steps with pictures on replacing the timing belt and water pump for a 2002 xterra non-supercharged v-6. I just cant seem to find anything on here. If you guys could direct me there that would be great!! Thanks!
  19. Rhaas

    Tire Fitment?

    Ok so right now I have stock OEM rims (16x7, 40mm offset) on my 2002 Xterra. I am thinking about getting some Mickey Thompson Classic III Black Wheels in the 16x8 size so i can keep my new tires. However they have a 0mm offset and because of that they will stick out approximately 2 inches...
  20. Rhaas

    WTB: Good Condition Passenger Side Fender for 2002 Xterra

    Hi there, I am looking for a 2002 Xterra passenger side fender. It needs to be in good condition (No rust). Color does not matter, however if you have superblack, that would be great.My current passenger side fender is rusting up and looks like crap. So if you have one that you are willing to...