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  1. granitex

    front end recovery points?

    there is a shipping tie down on both sides, they are not rated as recovery points. There may or may not be a hook on the passenger side frame horn that is a recovery point. Not everybody got them, and they are not very good anyway, it is a hollow tube and I have broken a couple of them. You can...
  2. granitex

    Locked & locked?

    More control is always better
  3. granitex

    Locked & locked?

    there are more times than you would think that it is great to have the rear open and the front locked. It can help the rear track more straight instead of crab walking into deep ruts. it also makes steering a lot easier, the rear wants to push you in a straight line,
  4. granitex

    New girl in town

    being part of that bumper remodel, I was the one who bent it out of the tire, I can attest to a shrock or RLC being a much better choice. much better.
  5. granitex

    Loose steering - bad center link?

    a bad centerlink is a very common, and a lot of the time it is not really noticeable when the tires are off the ground. an IAB is always a good thing to look at, they are cheap insurance against bending an adjuster when they get stuck. you can always swap out the idler arm for a gutted...
  6. granitex

    Won’t crank/Turn over.

    could also be as simple as a loose battery connection
  7. granitex

    It's Locker Time!

    you may be able to find a deal on a free compressor if you get both lockers at the same time, I know that ARB runs that special from time to time and it might be wort your time to look.
  8. granitex

    Wheel Bearing/Assembly? and Manual Hub Bolts?

    there should be no movement in the bushings, and the movement that you described could still be rod ends and ball joints, as far as the hub questions go I ran a set of mile markers for years without issue, just remember to use lock tight on the studs as well as the lock washers. The mile...
  9. granitex

    High RPM

    just wait until you swap to 5:13 gears,,,,
  10. granitex

    - GraniteX

    I was just going to consider the tranny cross member as pre planning, moab style.
  11. granitex

    - GraniteX

    Got the rear re-geared last weekend, rebuilt the rear brakes, and did a crosmember out of a Kia lower control arm. Don't know how Brady knew that it would work so well or why he had one.
  12. granitex

    - GraniteX

    have not really had a lot of time to update, actually still sorting out a couple of things like re gearing the rear end this up coming weekend. Other than that it is pretty much a straight forward SAS, used a dana 44 out of a J10, spring under, 5:13 with a lockrite. Went with a 35 inch tire on...
  13. granitex

    Another Bump stop question.. but different

    It is not going to crate a softer ride per say, it is going to eliminate the harshness encountered by hitting the bump stops. Shocks and spring weight are what control the actual harshness, along with the tire choice that you are running.
  14. granitex

    fixing Swing arm

    the flat spot on the back of the bracket where it welds to the bumper, You can drill a couple of holes in the center so that you can have a greater area to weld the bracket to the bumper.
  15. granitex

    fixing Swing arm

    A couple of the nice things that you can do with that hinge bracket, is drill a couple of holes on the center of the mounting plate so you can plug weld it to the bumper along with the border of the bracket. Second thing is that you have room to put a couple of additional gussets on the bottom...
  16. granitex

    Hey there! New to xterra from Ohio!

    cool, I am just a little west of you outside Hilliard, down by roberts rd.
  17. granitex

    Hey there! New to xterra from Ohio!

    where in Ohio are you? I tend to get all over the state on a weekly basis.
  18. granitex

    Calmini 1st Gen SAS kit specs?

    I drive my leaf sprung truck to work every day, never an issue. For the person that cant drive over 50 mph, I would like to see a print out of his alignment specs. Something tells me that his caster is all kinds of out of wack.
  19. granitex

    Wheel Bearing/Assembly? and Manual Hub Bolts?

    it is much more likely that you have a bad rod end, and or upper control arm bushings. the actual wheel bearings almost never go bad. that being said they do need an occasional service of cleaning, inspecting, and re packing. I always had at least one set of everything that I would need to...
  20. granitex

    Hey there! New to xterra from Ohio!

    unless you plan on running a much bigger tire, you might want to leave the front splash guards on there. believe it or not they do a lot to keep stuff from slinging up the side of the truck. And by the time you really start to look at needing to even trim them you are trimming a bunch of...