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  1. Xterra Performance

    Aftermarket Rear Bumpers for 2nd Gens

    I had a TAG bumper on my truck when I first got it. I sold it as soon as I got home. THe actual rear bumper was fine...if not a little hack welded. The big problem i had was the tire carrier. The hing sagged a lot, It wobbled horribly and the latch mechanism was a joke. This is the only pic I...
  2. Xterra Performance

    Simple How to Door panel removal

    . . Hey Guys, Since i had to remove the Tint from my front Windows I figured I would snap a few photos and Give a quick how to on removing the Door panels. Cost. 0$ Difficulty...can you operate a screwdriver and small ratchet...yes..your good! Tools needed. small flathead screwdriver phillips...