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  1. rsaunders80

    P&P Engineering Skids - Fit up

    That's fine, I get it. I would tell them this personally if they gave me a phone number. More importantly I want people here to be aware of potential issues. Posts on other forums (including other vehicle types) reflect similar experiences as well, so I don't believe this is a one-off situation.
  2. rsaunders80

    P&P Engineering Skids - Fit up

    I know my original intent wasn't to gripe, but now I need to. P&P has the worst customer service imaginable. I waited from June until January to get this pile of hot garbage from them. It came with wrong hardware, an engine skid that hangs lower than a factory Xterra, weld spatter...
  3. rsaunders80

    P&P Engineering Skids - Fit up

    They have videos on Youtube for installation and they definitely don't hang down this far, but cannot tell a dimension. The radiator skid has slotted holes that accept carriage bolts that should drop in from above and allow the engine skid to bolt to the radiator skid. That's the idea, at...
  4. rsaunders80

    P&P Engineering Skids - Fit up

    Does anyone on this forum have experience with skid plates from P&P Engineering? I ordered a set of aluminum skid plates and steel sliders that I received on 12/30. Since then I've been trying to work with them on the fit-up and installation because I don't think what I received was fabricated...
  5. rsaunders80


    Hey, I'm late to the party here but thought I'd see if I could resurrect this GA group idea. I'm in Roswell and interested in trips around North Georgia. I've already been several places (Sarah's Creek, Beasley Knob, Nimblewill) but expect there's more fun to be had in numbers. Happy New Year!
  6. rsaunders80

    DIY Front Sway Bar Center Disconnect - Work in Progress

    Welp, the search for usable parts has made this process more difficult than anticipated. Apparently finding a 26-spline axle shaft used to be very common, but anymore those vehicles aren't very common. There are some, just not everywhere. In all of Atlanta I have found 2 possible vehicles. I...
  7. rsaunders80

    2nd Gen - For Sale 17" Xterra Wheels General Grabber AT2 Tires

    I have 4 Nissan Xterra wheels with General Grabber AT2 tires for sale if anyone is interested. Tires are 265 65 r17, wheels are 17"x 7.5" aluminum wheels with 6x4.5 lug pattern and fit Nissan Xterra second generation (2005-2015). These came from my 4wd Xterra SE. As photos show, the wheels...
  8. rsaunders80

    DIY Front Sway Bar Center Disconnect - Work in Progress

    Thanks for the input and suggestions. A few items that are included in the updated sketches attached to this post: - Swaybars appear to be solid from all input I've received. - There is sufficient clearance for up to a 5" diameter side gear in line with the sway bar, so most side gears...
  9. rsaunders80

    DIY Front Sway Bar Center Disconnect - Work in Progress

    I'm trying to engineer a solution to the front sway bar on the Nissan. You can pretty easily access the end links and disconnect them, but there isn't room to rotate the sway bar out of the way of the front suspension. Most sources agree that a center disconnect is the best option but haven't...
  10. rsaunders80

    Roof Basket - DIY how to seal

    I have a 2006 Xterra SE. I'm currently waiting on several parts for my build (skids, Lokka, etc) and am getting antsy, so I set out to try to clean and fix my roof basket to minimize the amount of funk and debris that can collect below it. My driveway is shaded by trees and the amount of crap...
  11. rsaunders80

    2nd Gen - For Sale Lokka for R180

    Dang, wish I had seen this before placing my order with Lokka back in May. I'm on week 10 of my wait and still no word from Lokka about when I can expect it. Fair price, hope you find a buyer soon.