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  1. outback97

    OME (Old Man Emu) leaf spring bushings questions

    Hey guys, I have some leaf spring bushing questions. We have OME setups on both our '06 and '09 Xterras. No problems with the '06, but this weekend I noticed an issue with the '09. Airing up while returning from camping I saw the forward leaf spring mount was spitting out a bushing...
  2. outback97

    Snatch block v snatch ring - interesting video

    I thought this was a pretty well done video comparing the efficiency of snatch blocks versus snatch rings. View: It's a little slow moving but I like that he attempts to be pretty thorough and methodical in his comparisons.
  3. outback97

    Cv Axle Repair / Replacement Options

    Hey guys, I was crawling around under the '06 this weekend and noticed that it looks like the CV is slinging grease around. We have a little over 120K miles on it and I believe the half shaft is original. There's been no noticeable clicking or clunking or vibration from this CV. I believe...
  4. outback97

    How-to: "disable" Tpms Dash Light For $1, Five Minute Easy Mod

    Bottom line up front, this is simply how to cover* your TPMS light easily and reversibly for a buck. Not even sure it warrants a post here, but maybe it'll help someone out. Get some black vinyl window cling decorations. Trim up a piece, this is about the size of a postage stamp...
  5. outback97

    Harbor Freight Jack Stand Safety Recall

    I don't have any of these, but maybe somebody here does. The recall affects the 3 ton and 6 ton heavy duty jack stands.
  6. outback97

    Agm Battery / Charger Questions

    Hey guys, I have some AGM charger questions. We have two Xterras with AGM batteries. One is a 24F from Exide and the other a 34R from Odyssey. They've been great but they're getting older, and unfortunately we haven't been driving as much lately, so I'm thinking that I should get a charger to...
  7. outback97

    Modify Shrockworks Rad Skid For Easier Access / Removal?

    I had to pull off my Shrock radiator skid this weekend and I had forgotten how annoying it is to remove. The slots on the front to access the lower sway bar busing bolts are only big enough for an extension. You have to find your shallowest socket, and fish it into place. Then, when you...
  8. outback97

    Remove Knuckle And Hub If Replacing Lca + Uca? Lower Control Armageddon Complete

    I'm planning on replacing both the upper and lower control arms, and possibly tie rods, on my '06. I'm assuming that it makes sense to remove the knuckle / hub assembly completely and set it aside, right? I'm looking to make it easier to access everything, because I'm betting I'll need to cut...
  9. outback97

    2nd Gen - Wanted Found: Oem (stock) Upper Control Arms (uca's) For 2nd Gen

    EDIT: Found, thanks Brunnie Did you upgrade your UCA's to aftermarket? I'm looking for a set of stock OEM Xterra UCA's. Let me know if you have a set. Ideally looking for something with lower miles and ball joints in good condition, to replace the original ones on my '06 with 120K miles. Thanks.
  10. outback97

    Tool advice request

    Hey guys, I was hoping to get some advice. For maintenance and repairs, I have been getting by with 3/8" drive sockets and wrenches. I am planning to do some front suspension work soon on the '06, including replacing the LCA's. I feel like I've pushed my luck a bit on the 3/8" tools, using...
  11. outback97

    How To - Strut Channel Cross Bars / Roof Rack

    This started off with my needing a solid and low profile way to mount Rotopax fuel cans to my roof. It has become for us a versatile crossbar / rack system that gets used on almost every trip. Using the channel strut crossbars we have carried all of the items below, sometimes multiple items at...
  12. outback97

    How To: ARB CKMA12 Install - On Board Air for 2nd Gen Xterras

    I’ve been a member here for almost a week and haven’t contributed anything helpful. Slacker. So hopefully this is helpful to others, and I’m posting it in the right place. If it’s in the wrong area, please move it as necessary. I have been wanting to install a simple on board air compressor...
  13. outback97

    Noob from Utah

    Hey guys, another TNX refugee here... I recognize a lot of the recent new members that have migrated over. We have two 2nd gen Off Roads... a 2006 and a 2009. Looking forward to contributing and learning here, looks like a great community!