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  1. gorillamel

    GPS/mapping units

    I was wondering what sort of set-ups people are using for GPS mapping and tracking? I found an interesting thread on Expo Portal about what members on there use: "Cheap tablets for GPS" I'm leaning toward the...
  2. gorillamel

    Aftermarket Rear Bumpers for 2nd Gens

    Well, guess I can add mine. Custom rear tire carrier by a local fab shop (now closed). It was called GetSome Fabrication in Meridian, ID. My requirements were to have 2 gas can holders, tire carrier and heim joint. View from rearview mirror. My bottle opener. You cannot tell really well...
  3. gorillamel

    Aftermarket Exhaust system

    Alrighty, this is a thread for people to list what sorts of mods you have done to your exhaust system (B pipes, Catback delete, Thorleys, headers, etc.). Please list what you have done and rate it so that it can help the rest of us out in what we'd like to do to our exhaust system once we have...
  4. gorillamel

    Coolant leak

    Quick question- my coolant cap is leaking, which I understand it is not sealing correctly any more. Does anyone know the part number for this so I can order a new cap (I have not yet checked an auto parts store either-- at work)? The levels do not look to be down too far, but if it is I...
  5. gorillamel

    Aftermarket Rear Bumpers for 2nd Gens

    To help the rest of us decide which rear aftermarket bumper to invest in, post up pics of yours. Please include the following information: Brand (who made it) Cost Pros of it Cons of it Any gizmos/gadgets it has, i.e. tire carrier, hi-lift mount, cb mount, etc. When it was mounted...