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  1. jconway23

    What Kind Of Rear

    Thanks! And after I posted I found the m226. I was just searching wrong. And I was on my phone and it sucked! Also where do you guys normally order the parts for this job. I personally haven't looked yet but my buddy was having a hard time finding them...
  2. jconway23

    What Kind Of Rear

    Hey All, So over the weekend I was replacing my brakes and on my passenger side rear there appears to be a leak from the seal on the axel. My friend who is a mechanic (not familiar) with Xterra's is gonna replace everything. But we don't know what kind of rear it actually is when looking up...
  3. jconway23

    Headlight Lens replacement

    Hey All, I did a little reading on this already but I wanted to double check. Does the entire front end have to come off just to change the whole lens assembly? I have to change my drivers side. Was just curious before I start ripping everything off.
  4. jconway23

    Headlight Assembly

    Hey All, If you had to purchase a headlight assembly where is your go to place to get one. Mines a 2011. Stupid deer ran into me this morning. yes you read that right. LoL. Thought it was only my inner fender that got the damage. But its the headlight as well. Pretty big crack in the...
  5. jconway23

    X-Ram Cell Phone Mount

    Since I didn't see it on this forum and I don't want to do a direct copy and paste from the I figured I'd make my own little write up of a pretty cool mod. If ya wanna call it that. Since Cell Phones have pretty much become a part of driving with GPS functions, Hands free calling and...