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  1. xearth

    Big Rock Pics

    Saks, one of my Jeep buddys, and myself hit up Big Rock yesterday. I tried using Every Trail and it worked out pretty well. I didn't take many pics with the app, but I do have all of the trails that we did: It wasn't as rocky as coal...
  2. xearth

    PS3 "Gamer Tags"

    Since they've got it for the 360, might as well have it for the PS3. Especially with the release of Modern Warfare 3 coming up this Tuesday at midnight!!! Mine is fudge_ems Feels free to add me and I'm mostly playing CoD unless Madden is really calling my name
  3. xearth

    [XEARTH]'s SE Build

    Current Pics Videos: Bumper: Coal Creek: Haspin Acres: "Heavy Towing": "Thrashing Trails, January '12"...