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  1. slantyshanty

    Replacement for 4x4parts Ball Joints?

    They (AC UCA's) are made to use late model pathfinder ball joints. Not 100% on the year, it's been a while since I had to replace them. 95 maybe? They are pretty cheap, like $30 or something.
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    Apps: clash of clans

    hey anyone still here? Just curious if anyone chats here or just in game. (not much in game I know, I'm the talkative one)
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    Yup, you just looked at 'em

    Yup, you just looked at 'em
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  5. slantyshanty

    Daaaaaaang it's been a while

    Hey yall, I haven't been on here in FOREVER! I miss lurking but I have been going through some shizz (for the last 3 years). Got out of the Marines very unexpectedly, trying to figure you civies out... not working all that well to be honest. Trying to get back into my X but I swear it's one...
  6. slantyshanty

    slantyshanty's build

    Finally getting around to finishing up some projects. No I'm not going to have all that junk on the back shelves.... Ahhh who am I kidding, yes I am.
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    slantyshanty's build

    Just built a center console with storage, second battery, and isolator. Still not completely finished but close enough to post some pics.
  8. slantyshanty

    remote reservior shocks in front?

    Anyone running these in front? Is it even possible? Would it be a waste? Needless to say I'm in the market for shocks and looking at bils this time around. Had/have the Rancho 9000xls from the 4x4 parts kit and I may need back surgery after owning those. Even on their lowest setting I feel like...
  9. slantyshanty

    Apps: Call of Duty : Heroes

    Just checking to see if anyone plays this. Kinda like CoC or Boom Beach... Actually, more like Command and Conquer. Build a base, team up, attack other people's bases... Seems pretty cool so far. Only been playing for a few days. I will say that the intro/how-to takes forever. Not even sure...
  10. slantyshanty

    Happy birthday Marines!!!

    239 years of motivation! Semper Fidelis!
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    Apps: Boom Beach

    Anyone playing this one? Now you can have "task forces". It will probably turn into CoC but for now, it isn't. If anyone wants to team up I started a task force called "Xterra Empire". Haven't tried attacking yet. We will see.
  12. slantyshanty

    Home made bumper

    I realize I will probably get some flame for this but this is the sort of thing I do when I get bored and have some spare parts laying around. That being said, NO I will not pull anything with this bumper. It isn't load bearing and I know it... I already have a rear recovery point that works...
  13. slantyshanty

    slantyshanty's build

    Finally dry/warm enough to finish a few projects outside. Too bad it cost me malaria from getting bit by all the damn mosquitoes! Added some little LED lights that I had laying around forever. They are tied in to the door/unlock lights. That way if I ever have the rear hatch open at night...
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    slantyshanty's build

    The latest adventure. Still have to clear coat it. I didn't like the last one. It was a bit much...
  15. slantyshanty

    slantyshanty's build

    Going to try and add a pic or two (from my phone) Still have to fix a few minor things and clear coat the hell out of it.
  16. slantyshanty

    slantyshanty's build

    Here's some other random pics... because I like pics and I know you do too! :) Rear recovery hook. Cut some angle iron, drilled holes to match, painted, drilled holes in rear passenger side frame, inserted angle iron overlapped into frame, bolts through everything. Have used...
  17. slantyshanty

    slantyshanty's build

    Got bored last night, think I've been stuck in the house for WAY too long. SO, I airbrushed my gas tank. Got a little crazy with it. Wanted to add a little color to this one. Was feeling red/pink for some reason? Breast cancer awareness? Got the idea from...