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    Internet Deals!

    "Salvage" means the person's assets were seized or that the vehicle suffered an accident?
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    Rugged smartphones [Android world]

    Here are the specs for the Sonim XP8. Here is one candidate that I am looking at: Doogee S98. Many others come with longer life batteries but they are significantly heavier.
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    Rugged smartphones [Android world]

    Anybody here have experience with rugged smartphones? I drowned my Samsung Galaxy Note IV in the Skeena River in late July and am still shopping for a replacement.
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    Outdoor Grilling: What are you using?

    We own a small electric Weber barbecue. Due to questionable maintenance, I had to replace the heating element. We experienced some issues. Weber's customer service was excellent.
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    Internet Deals!

    Thanks ffxcore. Matt the tow truck driver suggests that the less expensive and less voluminous strap might be good enough for weekend warriors.
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    Internet Deals!

    Is a recovery rope better or not as good as recovery strap? My intuition is that a 3/4 inch rope is not enough. Thoughts?
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    Biodiesel blend fuel: Safe? Good Performance?

    As you may have heard, Argentina has been a macroeconomic and economic policy mess for the last 70 odd years. Inflation is running rampant (again). Foreign currency reserves are low (again). Argentina just upped the mandatory biodiesel component to 12.5%. How does biodiesel affect engines...
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    Stylized facts as I understand them: 1. Downstream 02 sensors rarely fail. 2. Downstream 02 sensors should always be replaced when the primary catalytic converters are replaced.
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    P0420 Cat Code vs. CATACLEAN - I think it worked...?

    Follow-up. I tried 3 applications of catalytic cleaner hoping for slightly restored performance while I figured out what to do about the primary cats. Nada. Nothing. Going forward, I will not buy again and will switch out the primary cats sooner.
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    My Xterra family

    Whatever you do, do not share your address.
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    Whatcha watching?

    @Zack. Barry is turning out to be an excellent choice. The wife loves it.
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    Whatcha watching?

    @Zack: Barry sounds like my kind of show. Will definitely have a look. Thanks!
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    Whatcha watching?

    Those are excellent choices. Am unfamiliar with Barry (s3). What is that one about?
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    LED headlights

    Interesting. Amazon.COM now lists: NINEO 9007 LED Bulbs ,22000LM 120W HB5 Lights. They are no longer included in the BULB FACTS chart. The older model is still available here on Amazon.CA: NINEO 9007 LED Bulbs,20000LM 110W HB5 Anybody try the 22,000 LM/120 Watt version or hear any feedback?
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Neil Peart, the drummer of Rush was a big fan of a British group called Porcupine Tree. Porcupine Tree just came out with a new album after a 12 year hiatus. The leader of the band, Steven Wilson, put out 5 albums during that period that are excellent. The most recent Porcupine Tree album is...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Any fans of Rush on here? (This is a leading question.....)
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    TerryD's 2007 Xterra S "Pepper"

    If the temperature is not the "feature", what is the feature that this rear view mirror offers?
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    TerryD's 2007 Xterra S "Pepper"

    For the temperature?
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    Prepping for road trip - 2006 with 130K miles

    LOL! Here you are worried about your vehicle breaking down, and here I am reading and thinking, sheeet! I should do that too (e.g., the pre-emptive cam position sensors). OCD a little? @outback, been reading your stuff for a while now. Your X is probably in better shape than 95% of the...
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    Fishin Pics

    Incidentally, when I kill fish for the table, I typically kill them, bleed them if they are big enough, and then put them in a damp burlap bag. The fish will actually be cooler in the damp burlap bag than in a bucket of water. The burlap bag also protects the fish from the sun.