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  1. Jwelch

    A Late Hello - 02 Sas'd Xterra

    I just realized I never posted a hello on this forum. I'm from western michigan, living in the upper peninsula and drive this completely stock 02 Xterra;)
  2. Jwelch

    Custom H233b Rear Disk Brake Conversion

    I know there is a way to convert to disk brakes in the rear by swapping over parts for the early path finders. However this seems to be a lot of work, especially if you don't have the specialized pullers for the bearings, and parts to where you would be getting to the cost of swapping in a more...
  3. Jwelch

    1st Gen - For Sale Almost New Steering Parts

    All of these parts have less than 800 miles on them, going SAS sooner than I thought so I no longer need them. Heavy duty Tie Rods with tie rod ends $60 Idler arm and idler arm brace together $30 $80 if you buy both of them.
  4. Jwelch

    Jwelch's 1st Gen Build Thread - That Escalated Quickly - LS^X

    Current Point of Build -------------------------------- 2002 Gen 1 ---------------- j10 dana 44 with spartan locker and 4.88 gears SUA with OME 2.5 medium duty leafs with some leafs added/removed and a 5" shackle Stock rear h233b with 4.9 gears with a leaf added 15X11 steel wheels with 4" of...