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  1. Derailed_75

    Radio help

    So I upgraded my radio right after I bought the X. I did a self install and everything work but I had a hum from interference. I was never sure I had the radio connected to a ground since the wiring diagrams are always hard to find but everything worked so I left it alone with the plan to ground...
  2. Derailed_75


    So I have a had a whining noise since I bought the X. Sounds kinda like I have one of the Pulley bearings going out. Anyway this weekend I put a stereo in it and now I can hear it through the radio. Is that the alternator going out? And why wouldn't I hear it through the factory radio
  3. Derailed_75

    First Mods

    Well as it says did my first mods today. I painted my wheels and repainted my plastics black. I know calling these mods is a stretch but it looks some much better.
  4. Derailed_75

    New In Southern Va

    Hello everyone, Im Dave from Danville VA. I just picked up a 2004 X Solar Yellow for $2,300. Its got 210,000 miles on it however it runs great and there is a sticker under the hood from a shop stating the timing belt has been replaced about 40,000 miles ago. I dont plan on getting crazy with...