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  1. Sturmovik

    Looking for new Center Pin, U-Bolts And HD Add-a-Leaf

    Hey guys .. so I am adding some extra weight on my truck and I need to add a leaf ( OME-D37XL ) to convert my Old Man Emu CS061R Xterra Leaf Packs to a HD Pack . The Nisstic Lifts has them but shipping is almost $74.. not good.. and I am little upset with them for the past items they send me...
  2. Sturmovik

    What to do about my rust ?

    So I been wanted to do something about mu rust for some time now that I did the 2 inch body lift.. there is more room between frame and body to work on.. so I have 4 options of what to do.. #1 Eastwood Black Rust Encapsulator #2 Cosmoline RP-342 Black Rust Preventive...
  3. Sturmovik

    2 Inch Body Lift 2nd Gen Nissan Xterra

    Hello everyone ! So here is my attempt on doing 2inch body lift on my truck doing it solo.. by myself Im sure I might have made some mistakes or something but its done. View:
  4. Sturmovik

    2 Inch Body Lift Question

    Hello everyone ! So I am getting a 2 inch body lift from Nssticlifts . so my question to people with 2 inch body lift.. what happens with this brake lines.. that are attached to the frame and go up to the brake booster that is attached to the body.. ( that will move up 2 inches during the lift...
  5. Sturmovik

    Well this was unexpected Donation

    Hey everyone ! what an unreal and amazing weekend I had this week... I finally was able to edit the video put it together .. and just wanted to share with you guys and give you some updates... on my truck.. and this one amazing donation... Its not to brag about it or anything just to share , and...
  6. Sturmovik

    DIY Rear Recovery Point

    Hey guys so the other day I made myself a rear recovery point for my truck as it didn't had any.. I cut it out of metal and welded together... I think in the end it came out alright .. I still have extra 3 bolts for 2nd one if I ever want to make one ... but I might hold off on that because I...
  7. Sturmovik

    DIY Rear Cargo Shelf

    Hello everyone hope you all doing well !! So sometime ago .. I made my own rear cargo shelf for my Xterra as buying online for $600+ is way way out of my budget .. I bought some stuff and spend a day making it measuring it and stuff like that but in the end it came out great ! really happy how...
  8. Sturmovik

    Need some tips and help with fuse/relay boxes

    Hey everyone ! so I thought to ask the board for some tips and feedback on what cables should I get for future setup and where should I look to buy them ? Amazon , Ebay or some other place... ? I want to add Blue Sea Systems 12 port fuse so I would love to see some...
  9. Sturmovik

    Brake Calipers recommendation ?

    Hello everyone so I have a question.. what calipers would you recommend getting ? I bought some parts to work on my brakes so today I was working on it making a video but you know nothing goes well half of my slide pins are stuck and wont come off.. I was hammering one for nearly 40 min it...
  10. Sturmovik

    Looking for seat covers

    Hey guys I was wondering what kind of seat covers do you have ? Im looking around what to buy and I came across this one set they have for front and back. Front Back Have anyone used them ? do you know how is the quality ? Or perhaps you...
  11. Sturmovik

    My Take on "Raptor" Style Grill LED lights

    Hello guys hope you all doing well ! I wanted to do this mod for quite some time .I know it won't add HP or make it better off road but still lol I wanted to do this "raptor" style grill led lights . So now that I have done it I wanted to share it with you guys just incase anyone would want to...
  12. Sturmovik

    2 Way Radios ? Walkie Talkie ?

    Hello everyone I would like to know what would you recommend? I would like to buy a kit of 3 or 4 radios or maybe 2 so later I can buy 2 more. I would use them for when camping and off reading but also I will use them for work. So they need to be able to work in the city. For example if i have a...
  13. Sturmovik

    Hello From NY ! 2007 X

    Hello everyone glad to be part of this community ! Hopefully I can contribute some useful info and help but then again I am no expert and still learn about this truck myself lol I bought my X right before covid hit and then I was unable to register it for almost 6 months it was just standing...