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    TDC mark help

    It Ended up being the second mark from the driver‘s side if anyone should need it.
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    TDC mark help

    Hello I‘ve been trying to find a diagram of the TDC mark on the harmonic balancer for my 2001 3.3L. It’s got 5 and I’m not sure which to line up with. The Haynes I’m using says the “red“ one but mine are uncolored. I’ve been searching under “top dead center” and not getting much (I’m not the...
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    Local off-road parts stores S. Cal

    I am planning on installing a 3” suspension lift, then 33” tires on stock wheels. Front winch bumper with grill guard, rear bumper with tire carrier, pref with a HL jack mount. Rear diff armor, fuel tank, armor, and probably the trans-engine armor. That’s my game plan and the order. ALso is...
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    Local off-road parts stores S. Cal

    Anyone here know of any parts stores in Southern California? Shopping around for lift kits, bumpers, armor for my build and wanted to see if anyone here uses any local shops. I am thinking of getting some things from Camini in Bako so far, they have a will call I know. Thanks!
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    Searched For The Best

    Hi everyone I found this site by searching for “ the best xterra forum” online. Got my 2001 about six months ago with the intent of lifting it for 35s so I can have fun in the desert and mountains. It’s great here and thanks for all the info!
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    Welcome in to the Nation

    Hello everyone I recently acquired a 2001 xe standard 4x4 V6 with 200k miles that is pretty much stock. Eyed it for years (was my sisters so it’s really clean) making sure it didn’t get traded in or sold to someone unappreciative. I’m about to give it new life as an off-roader . I have a...