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    Sept 2021 The We Did A Thing | 12° North Industries

    Please tell me you're going to leave the stick on fake vents on the fenders! I dare you. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for this truck.
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    Vibration when idling

    Just do the drain and fill a few times and you'll be fine. If you're really concerned with it, or if your fluid looks and smells burnt, then take it to ta transmission shop and have it purged. Personally, I do a drain and fill once a year just to keep it fresh, and my transmission shifts like...
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    P0420 Cat Code vs. CATACLEAN - I think it worked...?

    Have you noticed any change in performance or MPG since you did this?
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    Door Won't Open

    Once you get the door open, lube the cable and mechanism really well. Don't use WD40, because it gets pretty gummy over time. I lube all my locks and locking mechanisms every year or so. I use Ballistol and it works great.
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    How To - Strut Channel Cross Bars / Roof Rack

    That's great idea! The only modification I'd make to it is to punch a couple grommets in there to reinforce the holes.
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    Backwoods Lakes On The East Side Of The Cascades?

    I'm looking for a good spot to set up camp for a couple days. I'm thinking on the east side of the Cascades. Somewhere desert-ish, but a small, swimmable lake would definitely be a plus. Preferably somewhere "socially distant" (ie: nobody else around), where we can do some shooting, hiking a...
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    I Know It's A Long Shot...

    Here she is in Alaska. Summer of 2009.
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    I Know It's A Long Shot...

    I'll take a look. I know the Alaska plate number, FER 733, but not sure on the Colorado plate number ( I don't know if I registered it in CO since I was there on military orders).
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    I Know It's A Long Shot...

    I wish I had something with the VIN still. I'd run a CarFax on it to see where it's been.
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    I Know It's A Long Shot...

    I know it's a long shot... A really long shot. But I've often been curious as to what happened to my first Xterra. I had so many good times and memories in that rig. I drove it from literally the end of the road in Homer, AK to North Carolina and back. I drove the Alaskan Highway in it a few...
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    Rear suspension

    So here it is again. The Xterra shares a rear leaf spring with the Frontier. That leaf was designed for the light weight of a pickup truck bed, not the heavy cab of an Xterra. Our OEM leafs are weak. Sagging and hitting the bump stops... these are results of a weak rear leaf spring. Most...
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    P4x Instrument Cluster

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but here goes. My 2012 P4X came from Canada and the instrument cluster was replaced with one from a Frontier, but it's not a P4X cluster. This bothers me. I like the look of the P4X cluster, but am having a hard time finding one for a decent...
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    Roof Mounted Rear Leds

    Following, as I'd like to run LED's on both sides and the rear.
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    Outdoor Grilling: What are you using?

    My wife got me a Traeger for Christmas this year, and I'm loving it. I cook breakfast for the family on it on Saturday mornings. Love the Smoke flavor, and versatility. I still have my gas grill, but haven't used it since I got the Traeger.
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    BBQ Smoker

    How do you cook them in the Instapot? I'll have to try this.